Welcome to Chirpy’s new website! Chirpy is a little stuffed animal given to me by my student Jacqueline in 2006. Being a robin, he loves to fly. He’s also quite adventurous, and sometimes a little naughty. devil

Since his arrival, he’s flown to many countries, traveled to many states across the USA, and has even crossed the Pacific Ocean in a row boat. Standing only 10 cm tall, he manages to sneak into many a backpack and piece of luggage – always looking for adventure! wink

When he’s not off travelling, he’s in Ms. Christie-Blick’s classroom learning as much as he can each day in 5th grade. (He never talks and is always listening!)enlightened

Check out Chirpy’s photos by clicking on the links in the sidebar on the right. Also, feel free to leave a comment for Chirpy! smiley

47 thoughts on “Chirpy!

    • no chirpy is not related to big bird, he is not big fat cute friendly and yellow. instead he is small cute brown friendly and slim.

  1.              Errm, Chirpy, I really do think you're a stuffed animal, being controlled by imagination. For one thing, your eyes look like beads. Plus, you don't look like real actual birds, just by looking at your material.

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