Chirpy in Denmark

The little country of Denmark is in northern Europe. It’s interesting and beautiful!

denmark map

IMG_1410 - Copy

There are lots of castles that were built long ago!

IMG_1428 - Copy

IMG_0863 - Copy

I’m in the throne room of a castle. This place is cool!

I wonder if the queen of Denmark would like a pet bird?!

IMG_1414 - CopyHere’s the knights’ armor. Those spears look sharp. I had better behave!

IMG_1165 - CopyWe liked the beautiful gardens.IMG_1180 - CopyHere’s a miniature house covered with plants.IMG_1176A little Danish girl wanted to hold me. She was cute, but she kind of ruffled my feathers. Time to move on….

IMG_1060 - CopyYou’re never very far from the ocean, when you’re in Denmark.

IMG_1745 - Copy

 We’re sitting with a statue of Hans Christian Anderson. He lived a long time ago and wrote many children’s stories, like The Princess and the Pea.

IMG_1667 - Copy

We rented a little thatched roof cottage. It was lovely! I hope we get to go back some day.

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