Chirpy in Colombia

Here I am in Colombia with my friend Isabella. Colombia is in South America.


I am at a market. It’s a sunny day, so I don’t know why there are umbrellas.


Isabella and her cousins came with me. Their names are Sarah and Maria.church2

Isabella is with Jingle, from her girl scout troop. Jingle is nice, but VERY quiet.

Here I am on a finca (farm). There’s nothing like relaxing on a nice hot summer day.


Isabella sure looks like she’s having a good time!


Here’s another view of the finca (farm).

image1Look at all that fruit! It’s a life-time supply! Where’s the bird seed?


You expect ME to go up there?! But it’s 659 stairs!


Wow! The view is great! I guess it was worth coming all the way up here! Colombia sure is a beautiful country! Hey! Where did Isabella go? Oh yeah. There she is!

28 thoughts on “Chirpy in Colombia

  1. Columbia looks delightful, and those umbrellas appear exquisite. Also, it looks very hot, virtue of the fact that it’s Summer there! Furthermore, the view from that towering mountain look tremendous. Lastly, the vast finca (farm) looks pulchritudinous. I really hope I can go some day to see those farms and mountains.

  2. Hi Chirpy! Columbia looks so relaxing! I wish I could of gone! Those views look amazing, I bet that was a long hike! The umbrellas on the building were cool looking. That farm and hammock looked so calming. That castle looked amazing! I hope you and Isabella had a great time!

  3. Chirpy that look like a great trip . If I went I’d would have a great time maybe at the beach or something cool. I loved the land scape in the back round like those clouds (yay hydrosphere) and the lake 🙂 but most of all how did you climb up that total of 659 STAIRS!? How log did it take to get to the top? Well I know it take me over an hour more or less to get to the top. Hope you like it!

  4. I’ve been to Colombia before and I don’t remember it being so beautiful! Especially the picture with the amazing mountain top behind it (Finca).I can’t believe you went there in hot weather,meanwhile we were stuck in frigid weather.Your so lucky. Hope you had fun

  5. Chirpy must of had fun. I wonder what would happen if you went on that umbrella roof. The landscape liked amazing. I wish it was that warm here.I can’t Imagine climbing 659 stairs.

    • I think if you stood on the umbrellas you would fall. It gets tiring after a while but when you see the view at the top you don’t regret going up.

  6. I love Columbia. I am definitely going to put in on my bucket list. My favorite picture was when you were on top of the mountain. How long did it take to get up there? Were the umbrellas for when it rained or because it was sunny? I loved the pictures!

  7. I learned that a word for farm in Columbia is finca. I also learned that you can see beautiful views from the mountain tops.

  8. I wish I could go to Columbia it is so beautiful I am definitely going to put it on my bucket list! I loved the picture were you were on top of the mountain. Was it really tall when you looked down? Was it raining when the umbrella’s were up or was it to block the sun? I loved the pictures!

  9. Columbia looks beautiful. I feel so jealous. It looked like summer over there. One day I wish to go to south america. It must of been so fun. Why did they have umbrellas hanging over the market.

  10. Columbia looks like an amazing place. Did you really have to climb 659 stairs to get to the mountain top? That market looked like a really cool place. I think the umbrellas were there to protect the people from the hot sun.The view from the top of the mountain looked spectacular. I think some day I would also like to visit Columbia.

  11. Wow Chirpy looks like he is having a good time.There umbrella’s there are really pretty.The picture with jingle and Isabella the house behind them is beautiful.The picture with Chirpy in the finca farm looks very peaceful.In Colombia do they have different foods there than Ny.The view in the last picture is very pretty.Am going to ask my parents right now if we could go to Colombia.

    • I agree, the umbrellas are pretty. And also it is a church behind Jingle and me. They have some traditional dishes, but they also have many similar foods to New York.

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