Chirpy in Florida YET AGAIN!

I got to return to Florida! This time I went to Disney World with my friend Hannah.


Snow White said she was so exited to meet me,one of her “forest friends.”


Hannah and I ate at Animal Kingdom, learning all about my animal friends. Did you know flamingos are white/gray when they are born?
img_1837a OH my! We may have raccoons in New York, but I never have to worry about alligators eating me!
img_1841aOne of my favorite rides was the safari in Africa. What an interesting habitat to explore. 
img_1860aI even met some other feathered friends in Animal Kingdom! 
img_1939aThe fireworks hurt my ears but the lights on the castle were amazing!


I had fun, but it was a very tiring trip for a little bird. I wonder where I will go next? Good night, Hannah and class!

30 thoughts on “Chirpy in Florida YET AGAIN!

  1. Florida is awsome! I went twice . First to Disney then orlando. When in went to disney i stayed in animal kingdom. They have a checklist of all the animals so you have to walk around and find them. The safari is really cool.

  2. Florida looks really cool. I liked the picture with Snow White. It looks like Chirpy had a fun adventure at Florida. I wish I could have gone. The safari looks really fun! I have been to Disney World, but not on the safari ride.

  3. I think snow white and chirpy would be great friends.That warning sign of that to not go near these animals gave animals gave me chills down me back.I thought the 3rd picture of the bird looked like it was going to eat chirpy but chirpy is nice so chirpy probably made friends with the bird.I think that was so giraffe was so cute,the giraffe was pretty close to you were you scared.Those fireworks looked amazing and the castle looks so pretty at night.I could see how chirpy was tied from all those excited activates.

  4. Wow, Hannah and Chirpy it looks like you two had a lot of fun in Florida. You were so lucky you got to meet Snow White when you were there. I bet all that fun you had must have tired out poor little Chirpy! Besides that Disney World is awesome and I bet Chirpy liked going back to Florida. 🙂

  5. That looks like you had a lot of fun with chirpy! What kind of a bird is that in the picture? Also did you see any alligators or racoons?

  6. That’s so cool i’ve been to Florida, but I didn’t go on the Safari. On the Safari pictures, I especially loved to learn about Flamingo’s and when they are first born they are either white/gray(Flamingo’s are one of my favorite animals). I hope you didn’t see anything on the Beware sign,or else that would’ve been terrifying.I hope you had a great time with Chirpy,because I know I would!

  7. I love the part where Chirpy was laying in the bed. Tired Chirpy. 🙂 I also went to Florida a few years ago but, I did not go on the safari ride. I would love to go on it. I hope you hade fun Chirpy and Hannah! 🙂

  8. I bet Chirpy had a amazing time! The trip looked awesome how was it Hannah? I like the picture with the guy holding the hawk and the fireworks. Hope you fun Chirpy on your third trip to Florida. Also I’ve bin to Florida two but didn’t see any alligators.

  9. That looked like fun Chirpy. The lights on the castle were beautiful. And snow white was holding you!!!! I have never been to disney world but if I do I bet I will have fun. Wow the flamingoes were gray/white when they were born! That giraffe looked tall. It must have been scary when you noticed the sign. Alligators! The Bird looked cool too. Hope you had a great time with Hannah!

  10. you took some great pictures hannah. The african safari looked really fun. I hope you weren’t scared by the crocodiles. chirpy looked like he went on a great adventure with you hope you had fun ~ Clare M.

  11. Chirpy that looks like so much fun. I love Disney World! And the African safari was also one of my favorite rides. Did you see any crocodiles on the trip. I bet you had an amazing time.

  12. Those adventures you went on look really fun. I really liked the picture of the guy holding the bird. The safari looked really cool. What other kind of animals did you see on the safari? The signs about dangerous species surprised me. I did not know that there was so many dangerous animals in Florida. Chirpy probably loved it there.

  13. I went to Florida once but I didnt know there were aligators there.I liked the sign of the beware racoons and cayotees. Looks like chirpy had a good time!

  14. Chirpy went to florida three times! I only went to Florida once when I was 2 years old. I always wish to go again. And I didn’t know that flamingos were white\gray when they were first born, I always thought they were pink. Also, I didn’t know that there were alligators and that many poisonous snakes there.

  15. Wow I would of loved to went to Florida and went on the safari! On the safari did you see a lion? That would be very cool. Did you see any of the animals that bite that they showed on the sign like a raccoon or cayotee? Chirpy must of had a great time!

  16. That looks very fun Hannah. The most interesting one was the beware sighn I never knew there were alligators in florida. I wish I went! The giraffe picture was so cool!

    • Thank you! When Chirpy and I saw that sign we got scared but we did not see any alligators! The giraffe picture was when my family, Chirpy and I went on the safari.

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