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  1. WOW! This ending was not what I thought would happen. I thought that karana would stay on the island forever, and I was very surprised when she left. When we started the book I didn’t really love it, because everybody was dieing and it was just sad. But once I learned the real and whole story I loved it. The ending to me was satisfying but at the same time sad. I wish the author would of brought back titok and I wish her sister was with her. But over all I loved this book.

  2. (Sorry this is a late comment) I think the ending wasn’t really what I expected. I thought that she would just live on the island forever. It was also very confusing ’cause, like, all of a sudden, there are some people on her island giving her clothing and stuff. I wasn’t satisfied with the ending but I was still happy Karana finally got to be rescued. But now that she had a little happy life on the island, I didn’t want her to leave! And, the fact that her family and friends died, it made it just a tiny bit more sad. I would say that this was a bittersweet, semi-satisfying ending.

    • (Now that I sent this in I can’t exactly edit it so I’m just going to add onto here) I also didn’t believe that this was a REAL LIFE story! Karana is based off of a real girl and all of the people she interacted with were real. Her dog, Rontu and Rontu-Aru, were REAL. Her REAL brother died. I’m just very surprised.

  3. I think the ending was a little bit surprising. I think this because it kind of just came out of nowhere. Like one minute your reading about how she was collecting seaweed, and next thing you know she see’s a ship coming in the distance. I was not totally satisfied with the endings but it was still good. And another reason I did not like the ending is because the author did not explain it that much. Its not like I don’t like how he wrote it but he could add a little more detail. But I do like it because of how he used the surroundings on the island to help explain what was happening. Its like he knew it would help the reader understand it better. I also like the ending because it was not a sad ending, and I know that that’s just one persons opinion but I do like that.(sorry I got this in late)

  4. I believe this was a satisfying ending. I feel this because they told us what happened to the tribe. I didn’t really like the ending because Rontu was already dead. I felt if Rontu didn’t die this would be a much better ending. Getting to know that the tribe died by the storm was really good to know. Since Karana found Rontu’s son, it wasn’t completely bad. This was a satisfying ending because no one else died towards the ending. ( This is pretty small because I accidentally deleted my other one)

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