Getting Ready for Safari

The hat may be a bit big, but Chirpy is ready to go on safari in the country of Tanzania, in Africa. Don't worry, it's a photographic safari. We shoot photos, not guns.

On September 4, 2011, my husband and I (and Chirpy, of course) will be arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport, in Tanzania, ready to begin our safari.

To prepare for our trip, I've been doing my homework, reading about the animals I hope to see, researching the area, and imagining what it will be like looking for animals all day, and sleeping in a tent out in the wild at night.

This summer I read a nonfiction book by Edward Wilson, a professor at Harvard University. He's studied animal behavior for many years. He REALLY got me wondering about the animals that live in Tanzania! For example, what signs of intelligence have people seen in the different animal species? Are elephants more intelligent than lions? When animals make different noises at each other do they mean different things, or does a growl always mean the same thing? Has global warming caused any changes for the animals in Tanzania?

And what about the "Habits of Mind for Success" the Cottage Lane students began learning about last year….Do animals display any of these habits of mind? Do they demonstrate flexible thinking? Do they persist? Can they imagine ideas in their minds?

Take a look at the interesting research posters created by my 4th graders, and then tell me what YOU would wonder about before heading out on safari. You can type your answer into the box below and then click the Post Reply button. Use first name only. You won't see your response immediately, but it should appear by tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing from you! ~Ms. Christie-Blick

Click here to begin your safari.

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