Chirpy in Boston, England & Wales

Wow! What a trip I had with Chloe! Check it out in the video below!

Make sure you turn up the sound nice and loud!

Aren’t I a lucky bird?!

5 thoughts on “Chirpy in Boston, England & Wales

  1. Wow! England looks so interesting! All the buildings and monuments that you got to see would be something that I would want to do in the future. I think my favorite part would be going in the cotswold. I would also one day like to go to the slaughters inn. England looks like a blast!!! One day i would love to visit.

  2. Wow, it was cool seeing the phone booth. I learned that the big ben was in London, I never knew that! In London the buses were so cool. And the buildings were so big!

  3. Yes, Chirpy. You’re very lucky that you got to go to England and Boston with Chloe! Chirpy, may I ask you, what was the best part about the trip? Flying? Getting to see history buildings? All of the above?! I’d love to here from you.

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