Chirpy in Antarctica?!

Actually, this is not Antarctica, but it's close. It's the Antarctic Centre, in New Zealand. Here, people train and prepare for their expeditions to Antarctica. Wouldn't that be awesome?! This is a vehicle used in Antarctica that can travel on a glacier without slipping. I wonder how fast it can go?!

Join me exploring and dreaming of the continent at the very bottom of the world….


So this is what it would be like travelling with a scientist or explorer in Antarctica – cool! VERY cool!

Several different countries are conducting scientific research in Antarctica, including the United States.

President Clinton even visited the Antarctic Centre when he was president of the United States.

Wow! This is the biggest penguin I've ever seen!

27 thoughts on “Chirpy in Antarctica?!

  1. Of course, Chirpy has feathers! That should keep him warm. Chirpy, how was the trip to the Antarctica that wasn’t real? Was it as cold?

  2. I love penguins did you and Chripy see any penguins? Ifyou did can you post more.I'm in Mr.O's class if you where here I would switch with you?!

    • Yes, we saw penguins in New Zealand when we lived there. We’ve also seen them here in South Africa. I’ll post some pictures of them on the South Arica blog tomorrow.

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