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  1. This chapter was about when Brian caught his first fish with a bow and arrow and got all excited he was until he thought about if he breaks a leg or gets really sick how could he get food. Also about the woods and everything is here like fish and bears and how to bears eat the fish, the food chain.

  2. Hi guys I like your comments but this is what I think about Gary Paulsen how he emphasize Brian and the way that we didn’t know he was there 47 days in the Forest and now Brian wants to find his way out of this

  3. Gary Paulson empithises his charactor by saying so much detail about the wilderness that i think it helps me understand the plot so i can realate it to real life like how i try things that i see on television

  4. hi everyone love your comments,but this is what I think Gary Paulsen describes Brian how he feels about the divorce between his parents. I also like how Gary Pualsen is bringing flashbacks to tell more about Brian.

  5. Gary Paulsen describes brian’s feelings by using very powerful words and slowing down time. For example when brian encounters a bear while getting food brian just freezes. And doesn’t move just stands there and the author is saying everything he’s doing. Also what he’s thinking which makes the story so much better, interesting and more believable. Another reason is when he uses the descriptive word while he slows down time and in general. Also when brian froze in front of the bear brian told himself that the bear didn’t want to eat him and that helped him get back to his “Home” safely. And it was like and a mini-climax. This is how I think Gary Paulsen Slows down time and uses strong words to describe brian’s feelings, and how he emphasizes how brian feels.

  6. HI guys what I want you to do is to think like Brian and empathize how he is felling in the story and Gary Pualsen describes how briain is feeling.

  7. Gary Paulsen starts this book with describing his settings (the airplane) and his situation of what is going on in his life (his parents divorce). He describes the main character (Brian) and what he is going through to help bring you into the story and the main characters life right away. I think that this is effective to start the story this way. It helps to read the story when something happens right away.

  8. I think that Gary Paulsen emphasizes setting to open his story. I think he chooses this strategy to build up the suspense of having Brian stuck in an airplane with a pilot who has had a heart attack and who might be dead. This is effective because it makes the reader want to find out how Brian will deal with this situation and if Brian will be able to survive on his own.

  9. Gary Paulson does empithize his charictors by saying every little thing like Brians hands are shaking as he drove the plane and Gary also said high in the air there was alot of pressure and it was very cold he also emithises by setting the plot by saying and giving clues of whats gunna happen in the future and what might help you figure out what something means in the future

  10. Hi Hatchet readers! I’m going to help you get your conversation going by asking you a question that will take some thought (and knowledge of the book) in order to answer. There’s no one right answer, but you need to support your ideas with evidence from the book. In other words, always tell WHY you’re thinking the way you are. (Sometimes you’ll notice relevant information that others won’t.) Don’t copy what anyone else has said. Later, go back and comment on other people’s comments. That makes them feel valued and respected. Feel free to ask your own questions to keep the discussion going!

    Does Gary Paulsen emphasize characters, setting, or plot to open his story? Why does he choose this strategy? Do you think it’s effective?

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