Recycle Plastic Bottles

Why is recycling plastic important?

Click here to watch a video and you’ll understand two good reasons!

A third good reason is that it takes less energy to make a product from recycled materials than it does to make a product from scratch. When there is less energy used, there is less coal and oil burned to make the energy. That means less air pollution! Click here to watch a video that shows the steps from oil to plastic bottle.

21 thoughts on “Recycle Plastic Bottles

  1. Today I learned that plastic bottles are made out of oil,i found this very intrestng when i watched the video that mrs.christie-blick showed us.

  2. I learned a lot of things except how we reuse water bottles and other plastic, but I didn’t know that they go under water to get these minerals.

  3. If CO2 makes air polution then we should try to make plastic that is not made of oil
    but it was suprising that plastic is made of oil

  4. After watching the video on recycling plastic bottles, I learned how much recycling helps. Even though recycling does actually burn fossil fuels, it saves a lot of CO2 from escaping into the air. If you make plastic bottles from scratch, you have to drill oil from the ground, and that releases a lot of CO2. It pollutes the air even more if you drill oil from the ground that is from under the ocean floor. The ship that takes the oil back to land pollutes a lot. I think recycling is a very good thing. I helps reduce a lot of the pollution that is going on. The greenhouse gas effect warms up the earth, causing temperatures to rise. Recycling can play a big part in helping the earth. Everyone should help reduce the pollution and recycle.

  5. I now know that when you recycle plastic it saves fossil fuels. When you drill for oil in order to make plastic or transport plastic in trucks when you put plastic bottles in the garbage those fossil fuels all go to waste.

  6. After watching this video I now know that plastic is made out of oil and oil is a fossil fuel. When you do not recycle plastic and you throw it out you are creating air pollution.

  7. I never knew that there were seven different kinds of plastic! I also never knew that at the recycling center, they separate the different plastics to squish them together into gigantic cubes. There are so many different steps to the process.

  8. I learned so much from the video. One thing I learned was that there are 7 kinds of plastic. One type is PETE. It it number 1. I thought the video that I saw was awesome.

  9. I never knew what plastic was made out of and it is weird that I use it every day and I don´t know what it is made out of tell the 5th grade. Ít is better if you use less plastic and recycle because it helps the earth!

  10. I new recycling plastic is great but I never new why. After watching the video I learned that plastic is made from oil, recycling the plastic would cause less CO2 to enter the atmosphere ( because oil has CO2 in it). I also learned that that there are 7 different types of plastic.

  11. I learned that recycling helps the atmosphere because it burns less fossil fuels because were making less plastics when we recycle.

  12. I learned that when you have to burn fossil fuels so when you recycle it is less fossil fuels so we are not polluting the earth as much.

  13. I allways knew that recycling plastic was important but I never really knew why. I just thought that it was quiker than making more plastic. Now I know that recycling plastic is important because it takes fossil fuels to make them. One you need fossil fuels to make the energy to make the plastic, two, plastic is made of fossil fuels so if you throw the plastic away the fossil fuels needed to make that plastic go to waste.

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