Chirpy in Zambia, Africa

Forget the bluebirds! Somewhere over the rainbow, LITTLE BIRDS (like me) fly!



If you like rainbows, Zambia is the place for you! Victoria Falls creates so much mist and spray from all the water falling over the cliff, that there are BEAUTIFUL rainbows every day the sun is shining. The waterfall is VERY big. Click here to see it from the country of Zimbabwe. Click here and scroll down to find the country of Zambia on the map.


My favorite view of the falls is from the air. It was too dangerous for a little bird, so we had to take a helicopter. Just look at all that water! It flows from the mighty Zambezi River and then plunges over the cliff into the gorge below. The waterfall is about a half a mile (one kilometer) across.


Can you see the people on the other side of the gorge (to the right)? Don’t they look small next to the waterfall?



We had lunch right in the middle of the Zambezi River above the falls, on Livingstone Island. Great lunch spot, eh?

We got there by motor boat, making sure to stay way back from the edge of the falls. In this video you can see the view from the island.


A 5th grade class.

The town of Livingstone is near the falls. It was named after an English explorer, David Livingstone. Well, you know how much I love school, so when I saw the Zambezi School in town, I just had to stop in and say “Hi”.

The 4th graders showed us their exercise song.


This is a a 7th grade classroom.

There are so many children, that there’s not enough room for them all to be at school at the same time. One group begins school at 7:30 am, and stays for four hours and then goes home. The next group then comes for four hours, and then goes home. By mid-afternoon, the third group comes for four hours. The teachers work a very long day.


This is their playground. The building on the left is a hen house. They raise chickens to earn money for school supplies.

At the hotel in Zimbabwe, there were warthogs and vervet monkeys running around. At this hotel here in Zambia, there were zebras, impalas, giraffes, vervet monkeys and baboons. One of the baboons grabbed a girl’s purse and ran off with it, hoping to find some food inside!

Isn’t that baby giraffe cute?!

Check out the quick action of that long, black tongue!

Cute baby giraffe. Some day she’ll be able to reach the treetops!

Stop horsing around!

The zebras near the hotel were used to people, but still wild.   No petting!

I was hoping he’d go for a swim!

Some of the best things come in small packages.

It’s not kidding!


Greeters at the hotel.


The sun sets over the Zambezi River.


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