Cause & Effect

When I think of cause and effect, I think of dominoes. You know how, when you stand up dominoes one after another, one knocks over another in a chain reaction? This is like a whole chain of cause and effect reactions, isn’t it?

We deal with cause and effect all the time. When we read a story, and a character does something (good or bad), you know there will be some sort of effect (good or bad). Sometimes that effect becomes a cause and has another effect. SOMETIMES, there’s an ENTIRE CHAIN of cause and effects that happen as a result of the first original cause.

This happens in your own life. YOU can start a positive cause and effect chain: Say something really nice to someone → it will put the person in a good mood, and s/he’ll say something nice to someone else → that person will then be in a good mood, and do something nice for someone else → the positive actions can continue on and on. Isn’t it nice to think you could start a positive cause and effect chain today?! Give it a try!

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