Voting Booth

Click here to go to Time For Kid’s voting booth. Read about an issue and then make your voice heard by voting. Go ahead. Give your opinion.

After you vote, you’ll see a bar graph showing how others have voted – interesting!

This is called an opinion poll. It’s a survey to get the public’s opinion on a topic. 

Extra credit: Create your own opinion poll on a topic of interest to you; one that would be interesting to know other people’s opinions. Write your question on a sheet of paper or mobile device. Draw a simple T – chart below the question. Ask all the kids in class (and other kids you see during the day) their opinion. Put a tally for each answer in the correct column.

Next, create a bar graph to illustrate the results. You can do this on paper, or on the computer. Underneath the graph, write your results and your conclusion. Your results are the total for each answer. Your conclusion is what you learned from the results.

Finally, present it to the class. I’m sure it will be very interesting!

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