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37 thoughts on “A Wrinkle in Time Book Club

  1. I think that Meg, Calvin, and Mr. Murry will save Charles by destroying it, and then maybe they will be able to stop the black thing, and protect their earth.

  2. I think it is so cool that the creatures can read minds. Instead of being able to see, they read peoples minds. Also who do you think those people are that showed up at the end of the chapter?

  3. Yes. Because he is a sibling. How could Meg go home to Mrs. Murray and say O BTW Charles Wallace did not come back. And this is the kind of book that would end in a happy ending.

    • I definitely agree because the mother would freak out, and Meg probably wouldn’t leave until they have Charles.

    • I agree. Also he is one of the main Characters, it is really uncommon for one of main characters to not be in the end of the book.

  4. I think that they will capture it at the end and will pitt am end to all of this! Also I think the Dad is being really sweet!

  5. There is something REALLY weird about the place they are in. Everything is in a rhythm. It is not possible for everything to be exact. It was also very weird when that boy came out with no rhythm, and nothing was exact.

  6. I think that they will come close to finding Meg’s father, and then they will lose him. In the later chapters, I think they will find Meg’s father again, and this time he will come back home.

    • I agree. I think that they will find him and than end up getting separated from their dad, and then they will have to find him again.

  7. I think that The Medium is up to something. She made calvin kiss her. I don’t think that an older woman would just want to kiss a middle schooler.

  8. I think that they are going to continue their journey and Mrs.Which Mrs.Who and Mrs.Whatsit are going to show off some other powers that they have πŸ™‚

  9. I think they will go to Uriel to find Meg’s father.Then they will work with him to defeat the evil darkness.They will return Meg’s father to Earth 5 minutes before they left.

  10. I think Mrs.Who, Mrs.Whatsit, and Mrs.Witch are innocent. I think they will take Meg Charles Wallis, and Calvin to the black shadow, and find megs dad.

    • I don’t think so, because so far the Mrs’s have been nice, and it doesn’t seem like they will turn on Meg, Calvin, or Charles Wallace.

  11. I think meg will change her actions. Right now she is a very calm person. I think she will become more fierce and change her actions. Also, she might be louder or express her self

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