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  1. I also think that Mo and Meggie are going into Inkheart to retrieve Meggie’s mom. Mo could read them in and out of the book to get the mom. They just have to be careful not to get trapped in the book too!

  2. Hopefully they can get Meggie’s mom back.I think they are going to go inside Inkheart and get her.I feel really bad for Elinor’s books.

  3. I predict that Elinor is going to get so mad about her books that she will seek revenge on capricorn and his men and help defeat them

  4. I think Capricorn and his men raided Elinor’s house and burned her books, just because they wanted to make her rage. I also think the rooster was their “trademark” or something.🐓

  5. I think the people who too Elinor’s books were Capricorns me because they know where she lives. Also, I still think Capricorn will be defeated by Mo, Dustfinger, Megge, Elinor, Fenoglio, and Farid.

    • I wouldn’t have thought of that! Good prediction, I agree. Maybe Capricorn and his men will go in the book and the mom will come out.

  6. Also like Freya said, I think Capricorn wants Mo to bring characters to life and use them in an army of some sort. He can read aloud characters from books to bring them to life.

  7. I think that dustfinger is very cowardly ,but I also feel bad for him because it was not his choice to come to their world.I think Meggie’s dad has some faults because he didn’t try to help capricorn.

  8. Ok yeah I forgot to post the question but I was going to say predictions anyway. I predict that Capricorn will make Mo have book characters come to life so he can terrorize them or they can become his servants.

  9. I think Mo, Meggie, and Elinor will be abducted by John Silver and his crew. Elinor will probably be at the verge of being killed, but then the pirates come and abduct them.🛳☠🏴

    • I think you’re right, though, maybe they won’t necessarily “escape”, maybe more along the lines of… “get taken by very bad pirates who came out of a book with some beetles and a lizard and a few gold, silver, and copper coins that was all read by a person whose wife was taken by some other bad people who also escaped from a book the was read by the same person who read the book to release the pirates who would then abduct the reader of both of those books and his daughter and sister. Per say…🤦‍♂️

  10. I think something bad will come out of treasure island and Meggie wil dissaper and at the end they will get both meggie and her mom back and capricorn and his men will be defeated.

  11. I also think Dustfinger is a good guy because when Meggie was hauled away by Basta he wasn’t smiling like usual and Meggie said he looked like he wanted to explain everything, which to me looks like he’s a good guy.

  12. I think Dustfinger is a bad character. He betrayed Meggie and Mo by getting the book and lying to Mo. Then, Mo got captured. He is a bad character.

  13. I think Dustfinger is a bad character. I think this because he told a few lies and kind of worked with Capricorn.

  14. I think Mo is a good guy, although he’s not very flawed. All he wants is to protect Meggie and make the best for her. He even went with Capricorn because he didn’t want Capricorns men to take Meggie!

    *Also Freya sorry for the late comment, I had to run errands before I read.*

  15. I think that Capricorn wants Mo to bind books,but I don’t know why he is going through so much effort to get him.I think Capricorn wants the book to terrorize the people in it.

    • I agree, although this isn’t really answering the question. I know you have already answered it in that reply though.

  16. I think that Dust Finger is a good character. Although he has his faults, and seems untrustworthy, he did come and warn Mo about Capricorn.

    • I think that Dust finger is a bad character because he lied to Mo and Mo got captured because Dust Finger betrayed him.

      • I think Dustfinger is a good guy because even though he betrayed Mo he was also thinking about his actions when he went into Meggie’s room. 📖

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