Chirpy in Florida

1. South for the winter

Good bye New York! We’re headed to Florida!

Fun in the sun!

That’s what my friend Liam and I are having here in Florida.

Liam and I took the auto train from snowy New York to Florida.

My wings don’t flap like they used to.

8. Welcome to the beach

And here we are in Florida in February. Welcome to the beach!

10. Hello freind

Hello there seagull!

7. Feeding the pelicans

It’s lunch time for those pelicans.

6. Chirpy, keep an eye for Manatees

I’ll keep an eye out for manatees.

13. This is Gumbo Limbo

Do you guys remember Ms. Christie- Blick mention Gumbo Limbo?

21. Chirpy and BettyMy new friend, Betty.

20. About Betty White


This is why they named her Betty White.

18. Chirpy's ride


11. Sittin' in a Mangrove

Sittin’ in a mangrove tree.

17. This is also a MangroveThe mangrove trees grow crazy roots right along the edge of the ocean!

16. An eelLook at the size of that eel!

26. Now he needs a drink

Bath anyone!?!

27. A caterpillar

Yum! Dinner!…..I mean….Look at that lovely caterpillar.

45. Universal StudiosWow! It’s the Universal Studios globe.

47. Dragon at Gringotts

This dragon is scary. It actually breathes fire.

46. The KNight bus

Hey. It’s the Knight Bus.


Florida was fun! I think for spring break I want to go there again. Start packing, Liam!

24 thoughts on “Chirpy in Florida

  1. wow Liam it looks like alot of fun in Florida. I think that building with the dragon was amazing. I need to go to Florida. Im going to need to ask my parents about that. Hope you had a good time!!!!

  2. Well Chirpy, you got your wish! Start packing! 9 days until we leave!

    I learned a lot from this page and it is making me more and more excited to get away from the snow and learn.

  3. It looks really exciting to go to florida and see things like the turtles, and the mangrove trees. One time I would really like to visit Florida. One of my favorites was the picture of the beach it looked like you had a lot of fun there. It was also very cool that you stood in front of the Universal Studios globe!

  4. That is so cool! I went to Florida once but I didn’t see any of that. Chirpy and you are so lucky! Did you go inside the Knight Bus? It looked like fun! I want to go back now. 🙂

    • The Knight Bus was closed off. You could only go a little inside the entrance in the back. Well, at least I got a selfie.

  5. Wow! It looks like you had a lot of fun in Florida! Those trees looked really cool, and seeing all of the things at Universal Studios must have been really interesting!

  6. I think that Betty is so pretty and I think that it’s funny that they named her Betty. And also went to Universal to but they weren’t finshed with it so I was like one of the first one there…but it was still pretty packed.

  7. It is really cool that you went to Florida. I liked seeing all your photos. But my favorite ones was the mangrove trees and how the roots grow. Another one was why that turtle was named Betty White because of her golden Hollywood charm!

  8. OMG I am so jealous! Florida looked soooo fun! The Knight Bus from Harry Potter! Chirpy looked like he had a fun time!!!

  9. Welcome to Florida! I had a fun adventure here. I suggest you guys take the Auto train to somewhere. Remember, it’ not just the place you go to that is exciting, it’s all about the trip to get there.

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