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  1. On page 268 of the Lightning Thief I found in the text it says “I wasn’t sure what was wrong with her. She looked pale. This shows that Annabeth was scared or nervous. I also found on page 268 Percy said this “I got the feeling I was missing one simple, critical piece of information.” This show that percy was confused.

  2. Page 242 and 243- House of Hades

    Rick Riordan helps us understand how Percy is feeling by using innuendos. In The House of Hades he helped recognize how Percy is feeling by saying that he felt like his consciousness was like a small helium balloon loosely tied to the top of his head. After reading this it helped us realize that Percy was feeling light-headed and weak. Another example of this is when Rick Riordan wrote Percy sank back into his body and the ringing in his ears faded and his vision cleared. This helped us understand that Percy felt like himself once again.

    • Page 211- House of Hades

      While reading I came across another example. I could tell that Hazel was worried. I could tell because of her constant knee shaking. Hazel’s knees were shaking because a pirate named Sciron had just shot a bullet from hundreds of feet away in between Frank’s feet. Even though she knew Frank was extremely good with a bow, Sciron was much better.

  3. Rick Riordan gets me attached by showing abrupt mood shifts like when every thing is okay and then Percy got to fight against a monster or something along the lines of that. Rick Riordan also shows how the characters are feeling. On page 236 of the Lightning Thief the text says “Spider!” Annabeth said “Sp–sp–aaaah!” I’d never seen her like this before.” This showed that Annabeth was scared. This is one of many examples.

  4. Rick Riordan gets me attached to Percy and the others by stating there emotions and by giving a perspective of what they are doing. Like Nolan said one chapter might be about a different person not just Percy one might be mainly about the Di Angelo kids and the other part might be about Annabeth.

  5. While reading the Percy Jackson series I get attached to all the characters by there adventures and actions as well as personalities. While reading the red pyramid I got attached to Carter and Sadie when Sadies cat Muffin turned into Bast the cat goddess. Also while reading the house of hades I somehow felt some of the pain that Percy felt. I feel that in each book there is a a new adventure to read about and situations that get you happy,upset,sad and mad. This is why I love reading books written from Rick Riordan.

  6. Rick Riordan gets me attached to Percy and all the other characters by showing each of their point of view. For example, in one chapter it may be Annabeth’s point of view, but in the next, Frank’s. He also gives innuendos (hints) about how the character is feeling. On page 211 in the book The House of Hades, in the texts it states that Percy felt like people were shoving snakes down his throat. There are many examples like this example in all of Rick Riordan’s books and this is only one of them.

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