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  1. In chapter two page 28 The Sorcerer’s Stone when they were at the zoo in the reptile house when Harry was on the floor it says Harry sat up and gasped; the glass from the front of the boa constrictors tank had vanished. Here J.K. Rolling showed that Harry was scared at this time without telling you. -Samantha
    In chapter two The Sorcerer’s Stone page 28, Harry went to the zoo fr the first time of his life. They were in the reptile house when they saw a boa constrictor. When Harry came over to the boa constictor woke up and comunicated to him. It was special to Harry, but Dudly pushed him out of the way like he was invinsable.pun wall

  2. In Prisoner of azkaban chapter 9 page 180. Harry feels disappointed we know this because we have background knowledge of Harry’s reactions. When Fred explains that they lost the game we know that he feels disappointed.in the book it said ” ‘We dident– lose?’ said Harry ‘Diggory got the snitch’ said Fred.

  3. Harry feels angry. He feels angry because the dursleys mistreat him. They always underfeed him. If he does not do work, he does not get fed

  4. In the chamber of secrets chapter 2, Harry is annoyed when Dobby tells him not to go back to Hogwarts. I know e is annoyed because he keeps arguing that is his only home

  5. In the first 4 books( I haven’t read all of the books yet so i don’t know if theirs more) Harry is not treated nicely by his aunt and uncle. In fact he is treated like a slave. This makes me just want to be in the book and yell at his aunt and uncle for being so mean.

  6. In book one “The Sorcerers Stone” chapter two page 23 by J.K. Rowling, I empathize with Harry because it shows that people blame him for something he didn’t do! And when he tries to give them an idea to solve the problem they wouldn’t listen! However, I would be angry a start yelling! Therefor Harry does not say a word and is calm, since he is so used to it.

  7. In The Sorcerer’s Stone chapter 4 (I am using my kindle so I don’t know what the page is)J.K. Rolling shows that Harry doesn’t think he is special and doesn’t believe in himself. Harry says “Hagrid, I think you made a mistake. I don’t think I can be a wizard. ” This proves that Harry didn’t believe in himself at that point of the story.

  8. In The Half-Blood Prince chapter 4 page 74 paragraph 1-12 JK Rowling expresses that Harry is confused with out saying he’s con fused. In paragraph 11 it says “‘Well done Harry’ said Dumbledore ‘I didn’t do anything’ said Harry in surprise” This expresses that harry is confused.

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