Science Fair = Maker Faire

2019 Maker Faire – Thursday, March 7th, 6:30-8:30 pm, Tappan Zee High School gym.

Click here for registration and additional information.

Congratulations on deciding to participate in the district’s science fair! You’ve made a good choice. It will be interesting, fun, AND you’ll have no other homework that night!

Remember: An experiment compares two or more things (or reactions). If you’re just showing something, and not comparing, it’s a demonstration.

You’ll need a 3-sided display board, like the ones I showed you in class. Follow the standard experiment/demonstration procedure for your write-up:

Purpose – What are you trying to do?

Hypothesis – What did you think was going to happen: If….., then…..

Materials – Make a list.

Procedure – List your steps.

Results – What happened? What did you observe (see or measure)?

Conclusion – What did you learn, scientifically speaking? This is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your display. If you didn’t learn anything, this is not a good project. Start all over with a different idea.

You’ll see more complicated versions of this procedure when you google “science fair projects” or “science fair displays,” but you don’t have to put in all those extras.

To attract people to your poster, make your display board colorful and bold. Keep all work neat. Use large font that can be read easily one¬†meter¬†away. Include pictures, graphs, or tables to tell your story. Also, bring in some physical objects to show people what you did. If it’s a quick experiment they can repeat, all the better. If not, just bring in your results.

Below are some samples to give you some ideas for your set-up. Each one is a little different. You choose what makes sense for your project. Think: “What will help my audience understand my experiment/demonstration the best?”

Image result for Elementary Science Fair Board Layout

Image result for Elementary Science Fair displays

Image result for Science Fair for Elementary Students

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