Castle in the Attic

21 thoughts on “Castle in the Attic

  1. I really liked the parts where they had a climax even if was not the real climax it was still very compelling. I’m so happy that Sir Simon is alive, and that Alaster is defeated

  2. i liked how william defeated alastor and then relized what he had done he found out his talents and stoped being a whiney person

  3. I like the part when William defeated Alistor by taking the mirror and facing the mirror at Alistor and Alistor saw that he was a bad person and he could not undo the things he’d done. Then Sir Simion came back to life.

  4. I think William will become the “fool” for Alastor to watch . I also think that in a few more chapters William is going to find Sir Simon.

  5. i think william will go and save sir simon after all i think he has the power so he thinks he wont get distracted but he will

  6. I predict that William will defeat Alastor in war and Sir Somone will come back to Williams Castle and Mrs. Phillips will become a normal size again and decide to stay for forever instead of going to London

  7. The next thing that I think maybe will happen next is that William will save sir simion out of the scary, noisy animal sounds, and pitch black forest by playing the flute and sir simion follows the sound to safety.

  8. I love this book so far. William travels to sir simion’s world and they are lost in a forest. Sir simion got side trast and William is by himself. He feels scared and crazy mad.

  9. I like the Author describes everybody its so compelling to me. My prediction for chapter 11-12 is that Mrs.Phillips will come back to normal again and maybe the Dad will become small

  10. william’s personallity is very unusual he rally doesnt care who wants to know about the castle hes still keeping it a secret.William is a good guy he trys to keep the castle a secret along with the knight he does what ever he can to be loyal and trustworthy to the knight

  11. I think that if Mrs. Phillips is going to get even more ill than she is now and pass away like Sir Simones father did and she will become led like Sir Simone did

  12. I wonder how William will turn himself and Mrs.Philips back to normal size. Will he stay like that forever???

  13. William is scared to do his gymnastics routine. He is scared because he thinks he’ll snap his neck so that’s why he has not been practicing it.

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