Chirpy in Zimbabwe, Africa

Zimbabwe is another country in Africa.

Giddyup! This is the laziest zebra I’ve ever seen! He won’t budge!Copy of P1050826

 Awesome! The sound of African drums while boating up the Zambezi River. This sure is different from boating on the Hudson!






I think I’ll stay out of her way during dinnertime.


Hippos! This river is getting crowded!


Sunset on the Zambezi River (Upriver from Victoria Falls).

People selling live chickens beside the road. I have a bad feeling about the fate of these birds….

A local village house: no electricity or plumbing.

Whoa there! This house is for people and little birds, NOT calves!

The Zimbabwean villagers make their tools by hand (Just as the early colonists did in America).

Village kitchen sink.

Village toilet rooms (on the left).



The local people call this waterfall Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means “The Smoke that Thunders” in their Shona language. You’ll understand why when you watch the video! It’s the largest waterfall in the world. It’s so big that it’s in two different countries. This is one view from the Zimbabwe side. Click here to see it from the country of Zambia.

Note to self: The area around a waterfall is WET! Bring umbrella.



 What a pig! (The warthog, not Ms. Christie-Blick!)



Are the warthogs walking on their elbows or on their knees?!



In addition to warthogs wandering around the grounds of the hotel, there were monkeys swinging from the trees!



This is my kind of music!

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