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American writer Daniel Handler (AKA Lemony Snicket)   (Photo by Ulf Andersen/Getty Images)

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  1. On page 163 in the book “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” I empathized with the main character Lemony when he encountered a scream coming from a mansion in the woods. If I ever encountered that I would not go and help, I would call the police frightened. But, Lemony went to the mansion to help. If the police couldn’t come I would actually go and help like Lemony. Lemony was frightened and scared because he was panicking when trying to find the old woman who screamed. I would also be panicking and I felt like I was inside Lemony’s eyes as he was searching for the woman.

  2. In my book The Reptile Room the children are very worried about going to their new parents Uncle Mont. I know this because in page 9 the children are wondering if Uncle Mont will be any better than their last parents and if he would be kind ect. From this I can conclude that the children are worried and anxious about meeting their new parent.

  3. in my book The Austere Academy my characters Violet and Klaus were anxious to go to their new boarding school. I know this because the text says that they looked down at the ground as if they had lost something. Also they were imagining what their new school might be like and wondering would they be accepted.

  4. This is book the 12 of the Series Of Unfortunate Events- The Penultimate peril

    Throughout the story, the author (Lemony Snicket) describes the characters emotions through their actions. The author describes the actions so we can really understand how they are feeling. One of the most prominent times the author does that is on page 235-236 when he says the Baudelaire orphans wept silently as of the thought of a death best friend. This indicates that they were extremely sad or heartbroken. I also could really feel how the Baudelaire’s felt. The author does this by building the character up so you actually like him. For instance, he talks about how nice the caretaker is and all he would for them and then something bad happens to them so not only the character feels sad but you do too.

    • For instance, he talks about how nice the caretaker is and all he would do* for them and then something bad happens to him* so not only the character feels sad but you do too.

  5. In my book The Miserable Mill my character Violet felt scared. It talks about her and her little sister waiting anxiously for clause to come home from the town. It has an abrupt mood shift from her being excited and happy to being scared and worried. It says that Violet laid in bed imagining all the bad things that could have or might happen to clause. page 78-79

  6. On page 129 in the book All the Wrong Questions- Who Could That Be at This Hour?”
    I empathized with the character Lemony when he jumped off the hawser (thick rope or cable to tow a ship) in pitch dark! I would be really nervous, especially because the hawser was quite high. But Lemony was brave – even though he had learned at situations like these, because the fall was quick and difficult, and he had to land in a tree with twigs and sticks poking at him with annoyance. I would have never volunteered to first steal a statue then jump off a hawser! Finally, he was basically stuck up on the tree! Again, I would never agree to do this if I knew what would happen.

      • (…continued) Even though Lemony was brave, inside he was frightened as I would be in this situation. It actually says the fall was difficult and frightening. “I had learned to do it, in what you probably call an exercise class, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult or frightening to fall that way. It was difficult and frightening.” This literally shows that he was scared because that is what was going in on his mind. Also, he made an abrupt mood shift to funny, which the author does throughout the book.

  7. On page 102 to 103 when Violet is trying to use her grappling hook that she made the grappling hook fell and hit Violet hard on the shoulder. I felt empathy for this because I have felt stuff similar to this. The way the author was able to do this is by trying to get you to picture it and to feel it. It said things like “It tore her nightgown and cut through her skin’ and “Biting down on her hand to keep from crying out pain”. I could almost feel what Violet was feeling while I was reading it and I could picture it very well.

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