Chirpy in New York, Upstate


Look at the beautiful view of Lake George! It’s in upstate New York. I’m here with my friend Esther.

Sagamore Weekend w Chirpy

Wow! I’m inside the trailer that was used after the 9/11 attacks on New York City. This is the center that let people know if their relatives got hurt in the attacks.



Look at the fire truck that got burnt by the 9/11 attacks! It is now a memorial in this New York State Museum.


School on vacation!?  No. This is an old fashioned classroom at the NYS museum.


Lunch at the museum! Delicious!


A Woolly Mammoth at a museum!? This is what New York state looked like long ago.


Uh oh! I’m on a Mastodon’s tooth!  Esther, get me out of here!


The World War II exhibit at the museum was really interesting.  Can you believe this was a Jewish girl’s bed during World War II? What a difficult time it must have been for her!

pic 1Esther and I had such an amazing time at beautiful Lake George. I hope I can come again sometime soon!


19 thoughts on “Chirpy in New York, Upstate

  1. I thought that it was cool that you got to see lots of things and I liked the pictures that you took. Also it looked cool when chirpy was on those teeth. 😉

  2. It’s really cool how you visited all these places like the museums and other historical places and also learn so,much at the same time.I could also see that lake George is beautiful place too.I hope you had a fun time!!! :mrgreen:

  3. Wow Chirpy! It looks like you had a lot of fun at Lake George! I can’t believe that you went through so many periods of time in one building! It’s amazing that museums can do that.

  4. Wow, I wonder what happened in 9/11 that made the firetruck so damaged and if any firemen were in the truck at that time and got injured. I wonder how they got that girl’s bed from world war ll . I can’t even imagine being alive in the time of world war ll, especially if I was jewish, I would be petrified! Just by looking at these amazing pictures makes me want to ask my parents if I can go the 9/11 museum myself!

  5. Wow Esther! I can’t imagen that was a Jewish girls bed! I’m hoping that Chripy behaved. I hope that some day I will be able to go to lake George!

  6. OMG I would die to see all of that that was probably so much fun but how did you
    sleep there i would be so uncomfortable and the fire truck looked not like owers
    it was probably so cool with chirpy.

  7. Wow! That classroom is so cool! I wonder what type of things they learned? What years did they teach in that room? That firetruck is really cool, on the memorial sign I see it is from engine 8.

    Chirpy, I am guessing you got hungry.

  8. The museum looks really amazing and the fire truck looks old and damaged .Did you know how they got the jewish bed and the firetruck?The lake looks beautiful and it is very creative for the museum designers to depict what New York was like along time ago and for visitors to see how much it changed from then to now.

  9. Oh, that is so cool! It looks like you had a great time with Chirpy. I also went to Lake Gorge too once. I went during warmer weather and got to swim in the lake.

    I didn’t realize how big that mastodon tooth was compared to Chirpy.And it looks like it is two times the size of Chirpy.

  10. This most have been amazing trip I cant believe thay got a real bed that a jewish kid had.The firetruck was from 9/11 and it was still intact after it was on fire.Are those real birds eating the seeds.I hope you had fun.

  11. It looks like you had an awesome time with chirpy. I loved all the pictures of you guys. The stuff in the pictures look really cool because it is so old.

  12. wow old classrooms really looked like no fun. We now have smart broads other cool things. I would die in the beds up there I always need cozy!!! WOW that is what a fire truck looked like in a fire. that is bad.

  13. wow! That is so cool I bet chirpy loved the mueseum! I hope chirpy learned alot about past history. It can be really fun to learn at a mueseum. I love going to them! :]

  14. The museum looked so cool. The fire truck that got burned during 9/11 looks awesome but I also feel sad at the same time. I hope that my family goes there soon!

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