Chirpy in India

Wow! What an adventure I’m having in India with my friend Alvin!

It’s exotic! It’s beautiful! It’s FUN

DSC01412How did I get up here?

DSC01387I really like sitting on short palm trees.

DSC01399Woah! Look at Alvin’s pet goat!

DSC01398I wouldn’t want to sit on those bee boxes.

DSC01405These are some of the bees in Alvin’s bee boxes.


This is the first rubber making machine I’ve ever seen. It’s so awesome. Alvin will tell you how it works.


And here are the rubber trees! Did YOU know that rubber comes from trees?!

DSC01402No thank you! I don’t want to sit on that cow! She is another of Alvin’s pets.

DSC01407I’m getting pretty dizzy up here. GET ME DOWN!!

DSC01366Now I know that rice is a favorite food of chickens. These are ALSO Alvin’s pets!

DSC01390I wish I could fly up there and get some of those yummy coconuts.

DSC01414Don’t drop me in the water, Alvin!

In the video below, my friend Alvin and I are crossing a river on a walking bridge. It was pretty scary because of the height, but we made it ….thanks to Alvin! He’s my hero!

39 thoughts on “Chirpy in India

  1. WOW you have so many COOL pets Alvin!!!! I think that the rubber making machine looks interesting! I hope I can visit there someday!

  2. India looks really cool! How is the temperature? Is it warm or cold? Also, is it humid? It all looks so interesting. Now I want to go to India.

  3. I think it’s really cool how you got to go to India. It looks like a very peaceful place, like Kara said. Not that I know how that would feel, living with MY brother. You must have lots of responsibility to keep all those pets.

  4. Alvin. Do all people, normally, have that many animals? Also, not a criticism, but some of the pictures full-screen mode didn’t work properly.

    • First, they(a person) make a hole in the tree and a special sap comes out into a bucket. Then, they put it in the rubber machine( you saw it in the pictures. Finally, it comes out flaten and is hung up to dry. That’s how you make rubber!

  5. Wow that looks like so much fun! I wish I could go there! By the way, you have ALOT of pets, Alvin. And I didn’t know that rubber is made from trees!

  6. India looks so beautiful and peaceful. I would defiantly want to go there and learn about the place around me. It looks like you both (Alvin and Chirpy) had a good time.

  7. India looks like a really interesting place! It seems as if it has a little bit of everything! I didn’t know that chickens eat rice. I wonder if there is a shortage of rubber trees to make all the rubber for the world?

  8. It was really cool seeing your pets Alvin. I really liked the goat. The bee holders were also cool. That bridge was so big it looks scay to go across. India has amazing views.

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