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  1. I think Lina and Doon should bring along Mrs.Murdo and Doon’s dad, and Poppy. Even though they probably won’t believe what they’re saying they would still need some sort of adult to help them live normally without doing anything by themselves.

  2. I think Lina and Doon will leave only with poppy Mrs.Murdo and Doons father will be scared because they won’t know where they are

  3. I think that Lina will bring Poppy but not Doon’s dad on the trip (or Mrs.Murdo) If she told them they might not believe them. I also think that They will leave without anyone (but Poppy of course) and then send something to the citizens of Ember and then they will go and come with Lina and Doon

  4. This chapter was so suspencful. The author had me on the edge of my seat! I kept wondering, “Is Lina going to be caught? Where’s Doon?” I think this was my favorite chapter.

  5. I think Lina and Doon will take Poppy, Mrs.Murdo and Doon’s dad. I think they shouldn’t tell anyone about leaving and just leave. The people who she tells might no believe.

    • Yeah and maybe and then they should leave the instructions there so that if someone finds it then they could convince people to come.

  6. I perdict that Doon and Lina will become closer. Doon and Lina are alike in many ways but different at the same time, for example I think that they are eventually going to go through the woods and going to try to find the lost regions. If that works out I think they will bring the whole city there!

  7. I think Lina is going to go back into the Pipeworks with Doon and try out the door again. Both characters seem very persistent, so they may try and open the door. If it is a way out, I think Lina’s fantasy city would be real. It reminds me of the book series “Divergent,” where the city in that story was an Experiment set up by a Bureau. Maybe the City of Ember was an abandoned experiment by the Builders, and the fantasy city is where the Builders originated from.

  8. I think since Mrs.Murdo can care for Poppy, then Lina has to spend less time on her and more time learning and discovering new things about the city of Ember

  9. I predict they Lina will find a city will a lot of lights. I think this because I think the “instructions” could be directions to another city with lights

  10. I think that the people in the city are going to find out about Lizzie and Looper. I think they will arrest them. Also I think that Looper is Lizzies boyfriend!

    • I agree!!! I didn’t even think of that, that could definitely be a possibility! Great idea! I think they are a couple, but I don’t really know if they would get arrested

    • I think Lizzie and Looper will be important to the story. They might make all of the old food like the pineapple disappear because they ate all of it. Also I think Looper works for the mayor because when Lina was delivering a message from looper to the mayor it said meet at 8:00

  11. Things in the city of Ember are very not expected. The found a secret box left by the seventh mayor Lina’s grandma’s great great, great grandpa. We think it might contain the instruction about the city of Ember, but sadly her younger sister chewed the up so now she doesn’t know want it says.

  12. I think Lina is determined to solve this the puzzle because she wants answers to help her and the city. It could possibly fix embers light problem

  13. I think Lina is so determined to figure out the puzzle because it could possibly solve the problem in the city. Is there more beyond the Unknown Regions? Why are they running out of materials? She wants answers and she wants to solve them.

  14. This. Book. Is. AWESOME!! Lina seems to really want to figure out the document. And Doon is such a complex, interesting character. I really hope Lina’s “fantasy city” is real. Maybe it is, and the author confirms it soon in the book! Since the next chapter is called “The Door in the Roped-Up Tunnel,” I’m really interested in the book.

  15. I think Lina is determined to solve the puzzle because it could tell her soemthing important about the city. I think it could be something about the lights problem, and since it’s proabably istructions, it could be about the lights.

    • I totally agree. If poppy didn’t chew up the puzzle things would be much easier if she didn’t do that but, that’s what I think makes the book so interesting.

  16. I think that there is a nother city out side in the unknown regions with light. I think that eventually the city of ember will run out of every day items and will need to send two people to find more, I think the to people will be Lina and Doon! If the author does decide to do that it would make the book much more exciting!

    • I think that is a good prediction. They might not only send 2 people to the unknown regions but Lina and Doon will be there

    • I agree there could be another region with light. I also think they would send Lina and Doon if they ran out of materials.

  17. I cant believe how many times something unexpected happens! One time Poppy started chewing up (what we thinks the plans for the city. I hope there is more of these!

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