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  1. The author R.J Palacio has written many good books including the book “Auggie and me.” She is a good author because she uses show not tell.One exmple is “she put the photo down and stared blankly” on page 22.I’m pretty sure she was surprised! This proves she shows how the character is feeling but not telling it!

  2. In Wonder one thing that Daniela and I love about R.J Palacio is show not tell. This happened when Justin was frustrated with Via. You can tell this because he said that Via made him look like a fool. I know that he was frustrated because he was stressing out.

  3. In Wonder one thing the author does that I love is the show not tell. This happens when Justin and Via are in her bedroom when you can see that Justin is frustrated even though she doesn’t tell you straight up. I could definitely tell that he was upset with Via and I was so suprised.

  4. In Wonder R.J Palacio uses an abrupt mood shift on page 116 and 117 when August was telling Via that her friend called him, and he didn’t tell her. Then the mood quickly changed when August told her that Miranda missed her.

  5. R.J Palacio is a great author with great books! One example is she is really good at show not tell for example in the book “Auggie and Me” on page 154 “Yo Chris. So me and the and the guys decided were dropping out of after school rock band. We’re playing 7 Nation army on Wednesday.I reread the text My mouth was literally hanging.” I could tell he was shocked! I like when she shows not tells!

  6. R.J Palacio one of my favorite writters.One example why she is my favorite author is in the book “Auggie & Me” is on page 167 “The Pluto Chapter”. “I felt a lump in my like I was going to cry.She looked at me carefully.Oh sweetie,it’s okay,”she said quietly.This shows that Pluto/Chris is about to cry but he is trying to hold it back cause he doesn’t won’t to be embrassed in front of her.

  7. I think R.J Palacio is an AWESOME writer. She makes me so emotional. One second, I’m sad and the next, I’m happy! She made me so sad in Shingaling when the blind, homeless guy left. I just felt like crying. In the next page, she made me crack up laughing! I love R.J Palacio and I would definitely suggest this book to other 4th and 5th graders.

  8. R.J Palacio is an amazing writer.Especially when she does “show don’t tell”.One example from “Auggie & Me” is, on page 41 “The Julian Chapter”.When R.J Palacio wrote “I swallowed.I looked kind of blankly.He handed me the notes,and I just stared at them”.This makes me think that Julian was nervous and and afraid.

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