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  1. I think that the story had a very satisfying ending because everything worked out well. Ally has accomplished so much ever since Mr.Daniels has been helping her. Shay is not pulling down Allys confidence anymore. While reading Ailish made a prediction that Allys brother Travis would also have dyslexia, (having trouble reading.)Her prediction was right.

  2. I think the ending of Fish In A Tree was a very satisfying ending. I think this because the ending was very exiting, but quit. I mean that the ending was exiting, about how Travis has dyslexia too. It’s quit, because the ending is very smooth and calm when Mr.Daniels tells Travis that he can come to Ally’s extra reading classes. I know that this isn’t what i,m supposed to write this, but this author has such good writing techniques! I love it when she slows down time.

  3. Ally seemed so careless in the begining she wrote why all over a table she was sent to the pricipal multiple time, and she was teesed so much. But ever since she told Mr. Daniels she still needed to let out who she really is, but it sure didn’t take long. Shay seems like a nice girl but her mom is making her be something she doesn’t want to be the reason why all Shay’s ” friends” left her is because one she made them pay for friendship braclets, two she treated them like clones and servents. Ally has really grown by telling Mr. Daniels obout her dyslexia and now he’s helping her brother too. Shehas gone through such an emotinal rollercoaster.

  4. I think the ending was very satisfying because it ended off smooth and nothing to tense but I found it was cool that Mr. Daniels could help anyone like at the end when Ally asked if Mr.Daniels could help her brother travis and I thought that that was very sweet because now they can all work together to make an even bigger team.

  5. In the begening of the book Ally’s feelings were different because, she always felt like she coulden’t do much things because she couldent read so she never really tryed a lot and always tryed getting out of school work. Now Ally has become more confident and she learned that she is smart, even though she couldent read. I bileve Ally is alredy getting new feelings about her self, and for others like Mr.Daniels. I think Ally is gonna be a good reader soon if she kepps working on it and a good class presedent too.

  6. I think Albert and Ally are going to have a strong relashonship like Keisha and Ally. Now Mr.Daniels is kind of shocked because of what Ally said about being lonley and being alone. He said if he had a trophy he would give it to Ally beacause of what she just said. I think these chapters have been mostly about strong friend ships and relationships. Now Mr. Daniels is getting to know Ally alOT better.
    P.S. my cat was on the keybord so ya that was kind of funny.


  7. i think that Ally is actually a very smart kid and she try’s her best. I also think that drawing might help her in class. I feel that Shay is very nice deep down but her parents are fighting. I predict that later on in the book Shay will become friends with Ally. I think Ally will have a good year.

  8. I think that Shay is jealous of Ally because Shay never talks about her siblings Shay might not have any. Shay might be jealous because Ally’s dad is serving their country mean wile Shay’s dad is a person who sells flowers. Remember Ms. Christie-Blick had a conversation with us about bullies and she said most of the time there’s something going on at home so Shay’s parents have to be fighting.

  9. I am thinking a real lot about what happened in those chapters I can see Ally really got better at not being super scared and giving a chance. Also I thought omg Albert stood up for himself when Shay said “Do you like my purple sweater, it’s the color of royalty.”
    and Albert replied “Actually thats made with like snail slimey stuff, so I’d prefer beige.”

  10. Ally nickerson is one complicated person. She says that her body does crazy things without her say so. When ally tried calling albert, she thought he had to move or soething because it said that his phone number no longer existed. She raised her hand in class to explain the words LONELY and ALONE. When mr. daniels called on her, he was surprised that she raised her hand because she always says I dont know because she thinks that if she acts dumb, she will not be expected to do anything. She said that her mind did the etch-a-sketch thing and she had no idea why everyone was so glum. Shay didnt even make a nasty comment or anything. We still have a far way to go in the book, so, IM READY! (thanks for the book ms. christie-blick!)

  11. I think Keshia and Ally will get along great because Ally seems to try really hard have Keshia as a friend they look like they will get along great. And Ally gave Keshia her flowers for the show and the book said, they had the best smiles out there.

  12. I think that Keisha and Ally will be great friends in the future I think this because they stick up for eachother. For example, Shay and Jessica were mean to Ally so Keshia stuck up for Ally. Ally also did the same for Keisha.One day Keisha invited Ally to sit with her. Of course Ally said yes because she wanted to have a friend for once. I think that Ally will finally have a chance to make friends.

  13. I think that in the future, Ally and Keisha will become good friends. I think this because Keisha is starting to notice Ally. Keisha gave Ally a cupcake that said WOW in it because Ally stood up for Keisha when Keisha accidentally dropped a pearl off of a bouquet. Ally ruined her own bouquet so Keisha wouldn’t feel like the only one without a bouquet. This is why I think that Ally and Keisha will become good friends.

  14. I think Keisha and Ally’s friend ship in the “future” is gonna be really strong because when we read last, Keisha’s flowers got taken away from there music teacher Mrs. Muldoon when they were doing a singing thing and Ally gave Keisha some of her flowers and said ” She can have some of my flowers” but then Mrs. Muldoon took them away too. The next day Keisha gave Ally a speshal cup cake and it said “Wow” inside of it. Then she asked Ally if she wanted to sit with her at lunch. Thats why I think Ally and Keisha are going to be good friends in the future.

  15. In the book “Fish In A Tree” by Lynda Hunt there is a character named Ally. Ally has be moved to ALOT of different schools and shes only in 6th grade, but she is not as bad as you may think. Ally has a teacher named Mrs.Hall and she is pregnant. She had a party in her classroom and Ally got her a card that she thought her teacher would love because she saw pretty yellow flowers on the front but she cant read and, it was a sympathy card but of corse she dident know and she just gave the card to her teacher. She kept the secret, that she cant read form everyone, even her mom dident know it, but I think these two girls Shay and Jessica in Allys class are on to her secret. Then Ally got a new teacher Mr. Daniles and he knows that Ally is a good kid and i think he is trying to help Ally the most he can. And thats what i think about this book so far.

  16. Hi this is Sidney and i want to say that this is such a great book and while lynda hunt is empathizing ally, she is giving a problem to the story by giving ally reading problems. Its seems like shay an jessica figured that ot somehow which is why they showed up at the resurant to make fun of ally. It was not fair that they made fun of allys mom for being a waitress. I think it adds onto the problem that ally gave her pregnant teacher a sympathy card. the kids are making fun of her, which is so mean. Im surprised thta ally dosent yet tell her mm she has reading issues. I think also that later on the drawing will come in handy. Ally will proboubly tell her mother later on that she has reading problems.

  17. wow i’ve been saying this a lot because i really think it will be real, drawing will definitlly help Ally later on in the story, and she is kind of like he kid from middle school the worstdays of my life. Ally i think will find more and more bullys later on, and she will also find friends as well. Also it is kind of weird that Shay and Jesica show up to A. C. Petersen Farms ( the reasturaunt ) mabye it was just to bully Ally? I all ready know Lynda Mullaly Hunt is a great author.

  18. She empathized the plot a lot by telling us exactly what was going on and was slowing down time to tell us that something bad was coming soon. For example before Ally was giving Mrs. Hall the card she thought she would really love it but it ended up to be a sympathy car so Mrs. Hall got very depressed. Ally was so confused and then everyone was getting super mad at her.

  19. Hi Fish in a Tree readers! I’m going to help you get your conversation going by asking you a question that will take some thought (and knowledge of the book) in order to answer. There’s no one right answer, but you need to support your ideas with evidence from the book. In other words, always tell WHY you’re thinking the way you are. (Sometimes you’ll notice relevant information that others won’t.) Don’t copy what anyone else has said. Later, go back and comment on other people’s comments. That makes them feel valued and respected. Feel free to ask your own questions to keep the discussion going!
    Does Lynds Mullaly Hunt emphasize characters, setting, or plot to open his story? Why does she choose this strategy? Do you think it’s effective?

    • Yes. She emphasizes a character named Ally. there is also a problem in the story so far. The problem is Ally gave her pregnant teacher a sympathy card. Also Ally has trouble reading.I think that this is a good strategy because it will suck ythe reader in. I cant wait to finish reading this book.

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