Underwater Wonder

Which one is Nemo?!

Which one is Nemo?!

A visit to Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, is like taking a dive under the ocean. Just look at these pictures and videos! Don’t they make you feel like you’re right there with Nemo and friends?!





Plastic trash found inside a fish.

The bad news is that our beautiful oceans around the world are becoming polluted with trash people dump, and with poisons from factories. Pesticide spraying and fertilizers used too close to storm drains and rivers also run into the ocean. Even some of the carbon dioxide in air pollution sinks into the ocean, making the water more acidic. In addition, because the climate is changing, the oceans’ temperatures are changing as well. These are all big problems for the plants and animals that live there.    



When some people look at the ocean, they just see water. But there are many ecosystems under the water that depend on a clean ocean! What will happen to all the life if this polluting continues?

Ms. Christie-Blick meets with Mr. Stevens, Head of Education at Two Oceans Aquarium.

The good news is that there are organizations like Two Oceans Aquarium and Save our Seas that are set up to help. The people who work at the aquarium, like Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Millar at Save our Seas, are working hard to educate people about ocean ecosystems around the world.



Ms. Christie-Blick with Mr. Millar, the Education Officer from Save Our Seas.

While Save Our Seas focuses mostly on educating people about sharks, the goal of both groups is to encourage love, understanding, and respect for oceans and their future well-being. Great idea, don’t you think?





You’re invited to touch the living creatures in the “Touch Tank”.

Both groups have classes for school kids and their teachers; they perform research to increase their understanding of the plants and animals of the ocean; and they have many interesting displays for people of all ages in their centers to educate as many people as possible. When was the last time YOU visited an aquarium or an ocean educational center? Go ahead. Jump in!

Turtles have fins for swimming. (Tortoises have legs for walking on land.)


A starfish eating an animal out of its shell.


Join this boy watching the kelp forest by clicking on the video below.



more videos coming….

4 thoughts on “Underwater Wonder

  1. The ocean’s ecosystems are so interesting and so exiting. We are so sad that they are being destroyed.

  2. I am happy to see so many people looking to help sea creatures. It was amazing to see so many. I hope Save Our Seas and Two Oceans Aquarium keep their work up in helping the ocean and it’s creatures.

  3. I love to know that so many people are helping the ocean mostly the pingwens because they are all dying and people are just not helping them.

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