English 12 Assignments and Study Guides

Six-Word Memoir class assignment

For this assignment you will both print your slide and bring it to class, and upload it to a Google Doc using your socsd.org account. Upload your slide here!

Some other great Six-Word Memoirs from I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets: Six-Word Memoirs by Teens Famous & Obscure Edited by Smith Magazine:

Born in the wrong decade, man. -Victoria D.

Five elementary schools and two obituaries. -Eunice B.

Ripped Open. Sewn back up. Healing. -Traci V.

The screamed “Nobody.” I believed them. -Andrew C.

I will be that cat lady. -Rolynda T.

I never got my Hogwarts letter. -Deanna H.

Born 1992. Unhappy. Adopted 2007. Happy. -Tabitha G.

I love you. Please stop drinking. -Kristina R.

Finally learned “weird” is a compliment. -Teagan E.

Autistic brothers give the best hugs. -Kristen C.

Learned that sometimes friends aren’t forever. -Victoria L.

Blessed with friends, cursed with secrets. -Joseph B.

School. Soccer. Sweat. Rinse. Homework. Repeat. -Kerri S.

Six-Word Memoir Slide Show Class of 2017

Portfolio Personals Ad Complete a personal ad for your ideal college or job; assignments should be typed and include visuals as seen below.

Sentence Starters for Personal Ad Some helpful phrases and sentence starters to use in your ad.

Personal Ad Examples (click to view full size):


personalad3 personalad2




resources-iconStand by Me and The Body Film Study

The Body and Stand By Me Portfolio Prompts Choose one: Rites of Passage, Childhood Legends, or  Childhood Friendship

Personal Essay Assignment

High School Soundtrack Portfolio Assignment Create the soundtrack to your high school experience, or write about one song that could be your high school theme song.

resources-iconInto the Wild Study Guide

Into the Wild- Top Ten/Bucket List What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Pseudonym Portfolio Assignment Choose a fake name for yourself.

Epigraph Portfolio Assignment What would be the epigraph to your autobiography? Use the quote pages below to help you.

Into the Wild – Your Credo Portfolio Assignment Distill your core beliefs into a short statement.

Iconoclasts Portfolio Assignment What wisdom to Jon Krakauer and Sean Penn have to pass on?

resources-iconNight Study Guide

Night Portfolio Assignments Black and White and “What Would You Take?”

Gratitude Portfolio Assignment Who do you have to thank at SOCSD?

This I Believe Portfolio Assignment  What do you most believe in?

thisibelieve.org Go to this site to read and hear some examples of “This I Believe” short personal essays

Sample This I Believe Essays:

“A Duty to Family, Heritage, and Country” Ying Ying Yu, an immigrant from China, believes she has a duty to honor the sacrifices made by her parents, her ancestors, her teachers and her homeland.

“The People Who Love You When No One Else Will” Cecile Gilmer believes that “families are not only blood relatives, but sometimes just people that show up and love you when no one else will.”

“I Believe in the Car Radio” Molly Walter believes that “listening to the randomness of songs on the radio provides an opportunity for creating—and reliving—great memories.”

Finding Out What’s Under Second Base Lex Urban believes that sports teaches us many useful lessons: how to be a team player, how to handle defeat, and how excellence comes with practice.

Final Portfolio Assignments: Theme, Table of Contents, What is Good Writing, front and back covers, Letter from Me to Me, Final Reflection

Portfolio Table of Contents Template Use this template to customize your Table of Contents. Edit to include the title of your piece as well as what assignment it is. Example: The Long Road (College Essay).