Poetry Writing

Class Assignments

Poetry Supermarket Poems  from our class lesson on selecting poetry

Creative Writing Poetry Anthology


Sites for finding poems for the poetry anthology:


Looking for a particular type of poem?

25 Queer Poets to Read Now and Forever

25 of the Best Feminist Poems

Poems to Send the Person You’re Crushing On

14 Amazing Inspirational Poems Everyone Should Know

33 Poems on Nature That Honor the Beauty and Brutality of the Natural World 

25 Poems About Life and Resilience, for When Life is Just Hard

The 32 Most Iconic Poems in the English Language (Plus more that should be since “our literary iconography is still too white and male and old”)

The Grim Reader: 10 Poems About Death

Ten BIPOC Poets You Should Read

These BIPOC-Authored Poetry Books Are Sure To Move, Inspire, & Inform You Use the list of books to find poets to search for

Teenagers Are Not Exempt from Poetry a teen writes about her experiences as a teenage poet and some of her favorite poets and poems


Internet Archive Poetry books to borrow from the internet for free; Ms. McMane especially recommends:

Poetry rubric  rubric for grading individual poems

Poetry Inspiration

Poetry Prompts Tumblr site dedicated to poetry prompts

Writing Forward: Poetry Prompts

Writers Digest Poetry Prompts

National Poetry Month Writing Prompts 30 prompts for 30 days