Senior Seminar

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Course Description

Course Goals and Objectives

Course Requirements

Course Grading

Hand Outs

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Course Description:

Welcome to Senior Seminar! This course offers credit in English 12 and Participation in Government III. In the first semester, you will complete English assignments working towards college level reading and writing skills. (See books and assignments under English 12.) In the second semester, you will work with a member of the community or your teacher to develop a project or explore a career opportunity and/or personal interest. During the second semester, you will write a research paper on your field of interest, keep a journal reflecting on your program experience, and give a final presentation on your project/internship.

This course is also eligible for SUNY New Paltz credit.

Course Goals and Objectives:

  • To express your ideas and experiences through the spoken and written word
  • To utilize various research skills
  • To see yourself positively as a reader, writer, listener, thinker, and speaker
  • To explore a potential career path or unique area of interest

Course Materials

You will require the following for this class:

  1. A notebook to record daily observations
  2. A copy of the Senior Seminar Guide
  3. Writing utensils — blue or black ink only please

Requirements for Senior Seminar

Internship and Mentor

Students must obtain an internship or develop a project that is:

  • in any area of his or her particular interest
  • supervised by an adult mentor
  • approved by a parent/guardian through a signed consent form

Students cannot obtain an internship or develop a project that is:

  • paid in any form
  • at their place of employment
  • in a family-run or owned business
  • on Fridays during scheduled class time

Annotated Bibliography

Students will complete an annotated bibliography on an area of research based on their internship, focused community service project, or independent study. Research should include relevant readings, interviews, television shows, videos, internet sources, etc.

Research Paper

Students will submit a 3-4 page typed research paper based on based on their internship, project, or independent study.

Class Participation

Because Senior Seminar meets only on Fridays, attendance is extremely important is a major component of class participation.  Students who miss more than two Fridays will lose points off their class participation grades.  In addition, journals are due every Friday; failure to attend class will result in a zero for that week’s journal assignment.

Time Log    

Students will maintain weekly logs that verify the time spent on the project.  This record should include all time spent working on project including internship time, research time, journal-writing time, class time, etc. This log must be signed by the mentor. [See handbook for sample time log.]


The journal is a personal reflection of each student’s experience.  The entries might include observations, criticisms, explanations, evaluations, recommendations, and references to readings.  Students will submit weekly journals to their assigned teacher.

Sample Journal 1A Senior Seminar  Here is a sample first journal for a student interning at an elementary school.  Although there are a few mechanical mistakes, the student describes why she selected her internship and how she feels about starting.

Sample Journal 1B Senior Seminar This is a sample first journal assignment for a student interning in the medical field.  She describes how she got her internship and her reasons for her interest.

Meetings With Mentors

Students should have individual meetings with their mentors every week.  Mentors will keep track of students’ progress and report any problems or difficulties to teachers.


Students must commit 120 hours (minimum) to the program. This includes a minimum of 80 hours on the project or at the internship site. The rest of the time may be comprised of class meetings, research, journal writing, and preparation for the final presentation. **Students must engage in the internship/project for the duration of the full 10 weeks; hours cannot be completed in bulk.

Final Presentation

Students will make a final presentation of their work to an audience that may include the mentor, peers, parents, faculty, and community members.

Grading for Senior Seminar

Please see your handbook.

Penalties: 5 Points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late.

English Department Re-write policy:

Any major written assignment may be re-written within a week of its return to you provided:

  • The first draft was handed in on time
  • You schedule a writing conference to discuss the revision with your teacher

Caution: Copied or plagiarized work will result in a zero for all parties concerned.

Hand Outs:

Senior Seminar Update Sheet Update sheet for your teacher to be completed in December prior to your internship

Senior Seminar Handbook 2020 Part I

Senior Seminar Handbook 2020 part II

Senior Seminar Mentor Signature Sheet The final sheet of the handbook which must be signed by your mentor and parent/guardian before you begin your internship

Senior Seminar Mentor Handbook Download to give to mentors

Senior Seminar Storyboard Template