Animal Farm: Propaganda Then and Now

As you know from your reading, Squealer is the master of propaganda in Animal Farm.  While it is easy to Google propaganda from earlier eras in history (i.e. Nazi propaganda, communist propaganda), what propaganda have you seen in the world more recently (within the last 10 years or so)?  Consider recent or ongoing political elections, international news, or even local politics.  [Hint: you will find a lot of propaganda in internet memes.]

  1. Give your example of RECENT propaganda by describing it and/or providing a link to a picture of it.
  2. Explain why it constitutes propaganda rather than news or information.
  3. Identify the target audience of the propaganda and what its purveyor hopes to achieve by using it.

Once you have posted your idea using your first name and last initial, read the ideas posted by your peers. Reply thoughtfully to at least one other peer.  What did you learn from his/her idea?  Compliment strong points made, ask questions, make connections, and build on the ideas shared.  If you disagree, remember to do so thoughtfully and with evidence to back up your opinion. Remember to criticize IDEAS and not people.

6 Responses to Animal Farm: Propaganda Then and Now

  1. Hunter says:
    This is propaganda from the Trump Administration, warning that the picture is what “Biden’s America” will look like. This cannot be facts in any way, because the picture shown was taken in Trump’s America. Biden isn’t in office currently, so we don’t know what “Biden’s America” would look like. The Trump Administration is targeting on the fence voters, and people who watch YouTube videos (this ad was all over YouTube) with this propaganda. They hope to get more votes because of it.

  2. Carly says:
    This is propaganda is concerning the coronavirus and is clearly showing healthcare workers that are simply trying to tell people to stay inside because it will help save lives. It is considered propaganda because the poster is trying to persuade people to stay inside but it is not showcasing any facts. The audience targeted would be all Americans, like us, who are living through these unprecedented times.

  3. Gianna says:

    Cancel culture can be considered as a form of propaganda. Cancel culture is a desire to get rid of someone from communities or social platforms. An example of this can be conveyed when a youtuber makes a video about someone including only negative aspects of the person which are usually not reliable. This persuades the audience to think bad about the person and bandwagon. However, the audience may not know about all the good aspects about the person.

  4. Jane Kirby says:

    This is propaganda from the Government telling us that if corona doesn’t end and we don’t go back to work and just stay home it will change our lives. It’s also showing that if we don’t start making money again everything will “sink”, as shown in the picture. This is propaganda and not new information because its almost making a joke out of cover 19 and telling us they don’t really care we just need to go back to work.

  5. Dylan McCracken says:
    The examples I have given constitutes as propaganda as it is a case of media outlets using photo techniques to provoke an emotional response from people. These examples are not to target any one group of people but are instead multiple examples of different outlets try to further convince their audiences to believe in their cause.

  6. aine malora says:

    this card that excuses people from wearing a mask is fake. many doctors have shown that with a mask your still breathing in the same amount of oxygen without a mask. People obviously made those just because they are against wearing masks.

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