Dystopian Fiction: What’s the Point?

As we have discussed in class, both Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm are dystopian novels.

  • What is the point of reading about dystopias?
  • To what extent did Orwell or Bradbury predict the future?
  • Do you see any parallels between either of the books and life in the world today?

Answer any one or more of these questions using specific examples to support your ideas.  Although we may have begun discussing this in class, we usually run out of time.  Pick up where we left off OR add new ideas.

Once you have posted your idea using your first name and last initial, read the responses posted by your peers. Reply thoughtfully to at least one other peer.  What did you learn from his/her response?  Compliment strong points made, ask questions, make connections, and build on the ideas shared.  If you disagree, remember to do so thoughtfully and with evidence to back up your opinion. Remember to criticize IDEAS and not people.

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