Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

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Text and Background Information

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Into the Wild Vocabulary #1

Into the Wild Vocabulary 1 Quizlet

Into the Wild Vocabulary 1 Sentence Completions Quizlet

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Into the Wild Vocabulary 2 Quizlet

Into the Wild Vocabulary 2 Sentence Completion Quizlet

Into the Wild Vocabulary 2 exercise 2 Practice for the vocabulary quiz

American Consumerism Vocabulary

American Consumerism Vocabulary Quizlet

Portfolio Assignments and Related Readings

Into the Wild Top Ten Portfolio What’s on your bucket list?

Becoming Wild YouTube channel for Nikki van Schyndel who vlogs about her life living out in the Canadian wilderness.

Chris’s Purpose Memorial Foundation for Chris McCandless dedicated to preserving Chris’s memory through donations to charities

Pseudonym Portfolio Assignment Create your own pseudonym!

Iconoclasts: Sean Penn + Jon Krakauer Watch the film from class on iTunes

Into the Wild – Iconoclasts 12R Quotes Assignment

Epigraph Portfolio Assignment Use the quote pages below to help you.

Into Wild McCandless Credo class assignment

Into the Wild – Your Credo portfolio assignment

Quiz and Test Preparation

Into the Wild Quiz 1-10 review sheet use to study for the quiz on chapters 1-10

Into the Wild Test Review  study guide for the final test

Into the Wild Character Quizlet for final test

Research Paper Links

Literary Argument Response Paper Assignment

Into the Wild Response Paper Assignment

How to Write a Response Paper

MLA internal citations How to cite quotes in your essay.

EasyBib the easiest way to make your Works Cited correctly

Information on Chris McCandless – Articles for Argument Paper

Chris McCandless Information a website dedicated to preserving the memory of McCandless

Back to The Wild The photographs and writings of Christopher Johnson McCandless

How Chris McCandless Died New evidence sheds light on Chris’s death; article by Jon Krakauer, September 2013

The Cult of Chris McCandless, Men’s Journal  A writer explores why so many revere McCandless as a hero

The Chris McCandless Obsession Problem Every year, scores of Into the Wild fans tackle a dangerous river crossing to visit the last home of Alaska’s most famous adventure casualty. Why are so many people willing to risk injury, and even death, to pay homage to a controversial ascetic who perished so young?

A reporter looks at the pilgrimmages made by people who admire McCandless

Citation: Simpson, Sherry. “I Want To Ride In The Bus Chris Died In.” Anchorage Daily News. 11.6. 13 Feb. 2002.

Chris McCandless from a Park Ranger’s Perspective A park ranger discusses McCandless’s faults

Citation: Christian, Peter. “Chris McCandless from an Alaska Park Ranger’s Perspective.” (2006). Into the Wild: Text and Community, George Mason University. Web.

Into the Wild Inspires Adventurers, But at What Cost? ABC News article examining Chris McCandless’s story

Into the Wild: The False Being Within An Alaskan writer feels McCandless is falsely romanticized

Into the Wild How Chris McCandless Died Jon Krakauer reveals information on how McCandless actually died.  From The New Yorker. September 2013.

Should We Still Care About Chris McCandless? Jon Krakauer’s obsession with what killed the star of ‘Into the Wild’ has persisted for nearly 24 years. Whether it was ignorance or arrogance, do the details still make a difference? (Great quotes for those comparing Chris McCandless and Jon Krakauer)

What Really Drove Chris McCandless Into the Wild?  His sister Carine’s memoir

Resources for Into the Wild from George Mason University a page of articles and scholarly criticism of McCandless and Into the Wild; contains links to many different articles

Excerpt from Wild by Cheryl Strayed

The Call of the ‘Wild’ on the Pacific Coast Trail how the memoir Wild by Cheryl Strayed affected readers

Film Review of Into the Wild from The New York Times

Roger Ebert’s Film Review of Into the Wild

Iconoclasts: Jon Krakauer and Sean Penn Preview the video here

Into the Wild – Iconoclasts 12R  You may also use quotations from our viewing of the Sundance Channel episode of Iconoclasts on Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer.  If you use these quotes, cite the source as follows:

“Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer.” Iconoclasts. Sundance. 25 Oct. 2007. Television.

Because there is no author to this series, you may use the internal citation as “Sean Penn” (an abbreviation of the title of the episode).

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