Independent Reading Assignment & Book Trailers

Reading Assignment

Independent Reading Assignment  Here is the list of suggested books and the permission slip for the assignment.

NoveList Database: Coming of Age Stories If you access it from home, username: TZHS, password: student

Independent Reading Essay Topics Essay topics

Independent Reading Peer Review

EHS Peer Reviewers Make contact through email first; then send your essay through Google Docs or email

Book Trailer Assignment

After you complete your independent reading and write your essay, you will create a book trailer to advertise your book.

Book Trailer Assignment Ms. Parker-Hennion’s introduction to the book trailer assignment

Book Trailer Rubric To be handed in with all the information on your trailer

Fahrenheit 451 –  Sample Book Trailer Made by Ms. McMane to show you how a book trailer might look

Easy Bib Sign-Up (How to) How to sign up for Easy Bib

Submit your book trailer here Please bring your copy of the book trailer rubric to class with your name on it, and staple the QR code to it if you made one. These will be collected on the due date. (If you cannot find your rubric, print one out using the link above).

Sample Book Trailers

Perks of Being a Wallflower uses original video to re-enact the story!

Perks of Being a Wallflower uses art to recreate the story

Looking for Alaska uses original video to re-enact the story!

Autobiography of a Face

Fat Kid Rules the World

The Long Night of Leo and Bree

The Virgin Suicides

The  Hunger Games


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