10H Quarter Themes

IDENTITY  Our first quarter theme centers around identity.  What makes us who we are?  Is it biology?  Experience? Our environment?

Identity Journal 10H

PERSPECTIVES   Our second quarter theme deals with perspectives. How is our interpretation of the world affected by our perspectives… or lack thereof?  What happens when we look at things from a different perspective?

Perspectives Exercises (Microsoft Word)

Perspectives Exercises .pdf (.pdf format)

3D Street Art Video:

CULTURE AND DIVERSITY  In the third quarter, we will explore various cultures and ethnicities through literature. Essential questions: How does one mediate one's cultural, ethnic, and/or religious background in mainstream "American" society? What does it mean to be different in world that often demands homogeneity?

JOURNEYS Our traditional and contemporary heroes are often marked by the quests, or journeys, that they have taken. In the fourth quarter, we will look at both literal and metaphorical journeys in literature and in our own lives. Essential questions: Where has your journey taken you thus far? Where do you see yourself going?