Fahrenheit 451: Clarisse — dead or alive?

As Montag walks along the path he is, “surprised to learn how certain he suddenly was of a single fact he could not prove. Once, long ago, Clarisse had walked here, where he was walking now” (Bradbury 145).

Do you think Clarisse is alive? Why or why not? Use quotes (with MLA citations) and examples from the text to support your answer.

After posting your response (using your first name and last initial), read your classmates’ opinions and post a substantive reply to a student with an opposing viewpoint. Ask questions, present counterarguments and compliment strong points made.

3 Responses to Fahrenheit 451: Clarisse — dead or alive?

  1. Charley says:

    Not gonna lie, I think that Clarisse is dead. I think that someone got suspicious that she knew all that knowledge about the past so someone killed her, and that was probably a threat to her family so they moved away

  2. Oliana T. says:

    I really think Clarisse is alive. It doesn’t make sense that someone would have any reason to kill the girl who doesn’t talk to anyone besides her family and the occasional firefighter. Yeah, she’s a little strange, but that doesn’t seem like a reason to kill someone. Im guessing something happened with in her family and they had to leave immediately and lie about why they left.

  3. Anna Pastore says:

    I think Clarissa is dead but i feel like she will find her own way to go back to Montag, even if it is just a part of his imagination. Clarisse’s character had a very large impact on Montag which affected him for the rest of the book influencing him to revolt against everything he has grown up to know. I think the character of Clarisse shows no matter who you are its possible to be effected by the bad things in the world, it didn’t matter that Clarisse was different or that she was against the society she was in, she was still killed young like many other teens in that society.

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