Animal Farm: Propaganda Then and Now

As you know from your reading, Squealer is the master of propaganda in Animal Farm.  While it is easy to Google propaganda from earlier eras in history (i.e. Nazi propaganda, communist propaganda), what propaganda have you seen in the world more recently (within the last 10 years or so)?  Consider recent or ongoing political elections, international news, or even local politics.  [Hint: you will find a lot of propaganda in internet memes.]

  1. Give your example of RECENT propaganda by describing it and/or providing a link to a picture of it.
  2. Explain why it constitutes propaganda rather than news or information.
  3. Identify the target audience of the propaganda and what its purveyor hopes to achieve by using it.

Once you have posted your idea using your first name and last initial, read the ideas posted by your peers. Reply thoughtfully to at least one other peer.  What did you learn from his/her idea?  Compliment strong points made, ask questions, make connections, and build on the ideas shared.  If you disagree, remember to do so thoughtfully and with evidence to back up your opinion. Remember to criticize IDEAS and not people.

14 Responses to Animal Farm: Propaganda Then and Now

  1. Ronan M. says:

    2.) This is propaganda rather than news or information because it deceives the viewer by showing them fake and biased views of America, which is North Korea’s main enemy, in an extremely unglorified and negative light that is often outright made up.
    3.) The target audience for these pieces of propaganda is the North Korean general population; The leaders of North Korea is spreading it to make the public believe that America is a lawless anarchy, whilst putting themselves on a pedestal to make them look greater than they really are.

    • Tori P. says:

      I agree with what you said about the images showing a fake and biased view of America from North Korea’s point of view. Being America’s biggest enemy means that they will try to showcase America in the worst way possible. I like how you said that the North Korean leaders who made the propaganda push themselves up while putting America down at the same time.

    • Zachary S. says:

      I totally agree with these points. I have always known North Korea to be a state in which propaganda would thrive, but I learned how they portray the United States from your article you shared. To build on your point, the article may mainly show their hatred towards the United States, the North Koreans have a hatred towards true democracies all around the world and that is very frightening.

    • Ms. McMane says:

      Good source! Propaganda is easy to find on the web, but you always have to consider your source. Business Insider is a reputable source.

  2. Tori P. says:
    This is propaganda and not news or information because the image depicts what a great deal of people are like in today’s society. People are all about social media, and how many “likes” they got on their most recent photo. The picture shows that the first thing many people do when they have something exciting to share is put it on facebook, instagram, or twitter.
    This propaganda is meant for anyone that uses any type of social media or social media app. It is showing how social media changes our lives. Many people base their lives on how other people live, or by how influencers live their lives. We see someone we look up to using a certain product, and it becomes our new favorite thing. The image shows how dependent we are on the internet and online communication. If it’s not on facebook, it didn’t happen.

  3. Zachary S. says:

    2. This is propaganda from the Russian government because it portrays Vladimir Putin as a leader that abuses America and tries to suggest that Russia and communism is superior to America’s democracy. As we know today, the ideas of the Russian government and communism are immoral and dangerous for global safety. This picture of propaganda from the Russian government does not reflect what was happening at the time, it attempts to paint a picture that frankly isn’t correct.
    3.The target audience is the Russian people, it tries to tell them that Russia is “owning” the United States and doing just fine and their way of life is better than ours. The government displays this image in public to attempt to get people to believe their corrupted beliefs.

    • Zahra S says:

      I really liked how you connected it to current politics. This is very relevant because of the 2016 Presidential election and the influence that Russia has over the world. Russia, and many other nations and people, are able to spread news even faster around the world because of social media and the internet. Some of these news articles are untrue and not checked for facts. We as a society, are allowing ourselves to be tricked into thinking certain things when we don’t question and check what people say is accurate.
      Specifically to this image, the target audience is the Russian people. However, I believe that it is also a message to the world from Russia saying that they are extremely powerful and able to control the thoughts of a variety of people.

    • Ms. McMane says:

      Very timely! As Zahra said, good connection to current events.

  4. Maya says:
    1) It constitutes propaganda because for years CNN has been a trusted news source for millions but after Trump came into presidency most of the “breaking news” would be about what his latest tweet was or what junk food he ate. CNN has become biased on what they broadcast. Many important things like the #METOO movement has disappeared or even gay right movement.
    2)This propaganda is targeting mostly people who support and look up to trump, he gains supporters by being publicized by large news corporations. On the other hand, by publicizing Trump, CNN gains viewers and so does Donald.

    • Tia M. says:

      I really I agree with the points you made and I agree with the fact that CNN doesn’t really shed light on important topic like the ones you mentioned. I really like the fact that you used specific examples what they don’t really broadcast because I don’t think that many people think about that now. I also agree with the fact that the use of news such as supporting Trump does give him more publicity which in turn gives CNN more publicity since more Trump supporters would watch it. I think that you should have mentioned the fact that CNN might not include news such as the METOO movement and gay rights movement because it can trigger people causing CNN to lose publicity.

  5. Catherine McHugh says:


    2) people are stating that Trump has been conspiring with Russia and how he is a traitor this is not real news because there is no real evidence of this happening and these people are just anti Trump supporters.

    3) this picture tries to show that Trump is not a good president and should not be re-elected as a president also how he a traitor to the United States and how he should get impeached.

    • Ms. McMane says:

      You are correct that the Mueller investigation did not find that the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government. However, they did conclude that Russia interfered with the election. The link you shared was to an entire Google search, not a particular meme. Did you have one in mind?

  6. Tia M. says:
    This is propaganda rather than news or information because the poster is trying to convince people to vote for Obama. The poster is supposed to make the viewers see that Obama can bring hope into their lives. This poster is also trying to illustrate that the unity of Obama can unite America and bring hope, this can be seen because of the red, blue and white on the poster.
    The audience this propaganda is targeting is voting American citizens. The poster is trying to make people vote for Obama since he can bring hope into Americans lives.

    • Ms. McMane says:

      Tia, I’m not sure I would call this propaganda. Propaganda is usually misleading information. I don’t think this is anything you could say is blatantly misleading since it’s a campaign poster. If it said something that wasn’t true, like boasting about an act or deed he performed that he didn’t, then it would be.

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