Climate Resources for Kids and Teachers


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Climate Change: How, What, Why? by the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


Climate Change Basics by the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History)

Coral Reefs are Affected by Climate Change by UCAR  (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)

Effects of Climate Change by the EPA

Fossil Fuels by NASA’s Climate Kids

Greenhouse Effect by NASA’s Climate Kids

Health Issues Related to Climate Change by WGBH Educational Foundation

Ocean is Affected by Climate Change by NASA’s Climate Kids

Weather vs Climate by UCAR


Carbon and Climate Change in 90 Seconds video by NASA

Causes of Climate Change video by Bill Nye the Science Guy (4 minutes)

Climate Change Seen in U.S. National Parks video series by United States National Park Service (each video is 3 – 10 minutes)

Climate Change Basics video by EPA (3 minutes)

Fragile Environment: How We Impact Our Surroundings video series by BrianPop (each video is 3-4 minutes) (paid subscription required)

Greenhouse Effect video by BrainPop (4 minutes) (paid subscription required)

Greenhouse Effect video by EPA (2 minutes)

How do Scientists Know Earth’s Climate is Changing? Ice Holds the Evidence! video by the National Science Foundation (19 minutes)

Ice Melting is an Indicator that Earth is Warming video by the U.S. National Park Service (7 minutes)

Recycling Center in Action video by ReCommunity Recycling (10 minutes)

Weather vs. Climate video by Teddy TV (1 minute)

Why Climate Change is a Concern video by Rapper Polar-Palooza (4 minutes)


Simple Computer Model to Understand CO2 and Global Warming child-friendly computer modeling by the National Center for Climate Research



Actions Kids Can Take by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Actions Kids Can Take by the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History)Actions

Actions Kids Can Take by Time for Kids Magazine

Can Kids Help? video by Australian Learners

Recycle by The Ad Council

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Working Together to Slow Down Global Warming



Clean Energy Technology by the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Conserving Energy video by BrainPop (4 minutes) (paid subscription required)

Light Bulbs Matter by the National Research Council

Powering the Planet with Renewable Energy video by PBS (53 minutes)

Reducing Your Personal Contribution to a Warming Planet by The New York Times



Carbon Cycle Game by Windows2Universe

CO2 Balancing Game by NASA’s Climate Kids

Energy Kids Crossword Puzzles and Games  by EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration)

Energy Star Kids Activities by US Environmental Protection Agency

Hog and Seek Game by Alliance to Save Energy

Leaps and Flutters by NASA’s Climate Kids

Missions to Planet Earth Online Card Game by NASA’s Climate Kids

Plan It Green: Building an Energy-Efficient City by National Geographic



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Climate Change in a Nutshell by NCSE (National Center for Science Education)


Background Information on Climate Change by NASA

Climate Change: What, How, and What to do Now video by PBS (54 minutes)

Climate Stewards Program for Educators by NOAA

Energy from Natural Resources by the National Academies of Sciences

Evidence Scientists See of Climate Change by NOAA  (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Frequently Asked Questions About Climate Change by NASA

How Scientists Know What They Know about Climate Change video by The National Academies of Sciences

New York Uses Many Types of Renewable Energy by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Ocean Acidification Caused by Climate Change video and lesson plan by NESTA (National Earth Science Teacher Association)

Sea Level Rise Hands-On Activity Lesson Plan by Kottie Christie-Blick

Short Answers to Hard Questions about Climate Change by The New York Times

Signs of a Warming World free poster by NOAA

Societal Impacts of Climate Change by NOAA

Talking to Children about Climate Change by Kottie Christie-Blick

Teaching Climate Literacy by NOAA

Trend vs Variation by Teddy TV

Volcanos or Human Activity? Which Emits More CO2? by NOAA

Warmest Year on Earth in Recorded History: 2015 by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

What Drives Climate: Advanced Information by NASA


Graphs & Graphics

Comparing Possible Causes of Global Warming by Bloomberg Business

Dataset Gallery by NOAA

Explaining Climate Change by BBC News

Global Temperatures and Other Climate Indicators by Climate Central

Global Warming Over Time by NASA

Ice Disappearing Around the World as Earth Warms by NASA

Keeling Curve Graph by the U.S. Department of Energy, Mauna Loa Observatory

Local Climate Change in USA by

Sea Level Change Over Time by the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Sea level Rise Simulation by NOAA

Teaching Climate Change with Graphics by Skeptical Science



Picture source"

Picture source”






Goddard Institute for Space Studies and National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Center for Atmospheric Research & University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration



62 thoughts on “Climate Resources for Kids and Teachers

  1. I played the game earth saver girl some of the games are really educational but they were all fun to play. I really like the site Earth Saver Girl

  2. Today for the first time I played Recycle This! IT was a game where you had to sort recycling and garbage. It was very complex and hard. I do not recommend it.

  3. Power up was a fun game to play it you have to light up all the houses in 1:42 seconds there are 5 houses there is wind trying to stop you from lighting the houses this game showed you how to take care of the envirment

  4. Offset was a fun game, but quite challenging! All you have to do is try not to let the carbon dioxide escape into the air. If I were you I would look at the tutorial first to know how the game works! It’s amazing that each time you ”accidentally” let the carbon dioxide into the air the red part of the meter on the top right of your game screen increases! If you feel inside you from reading this that you want to play then go ahead! If you see the money on the top left of your game screen increase then that means that you are doing a good job getting the carbon dioxide to not get into the air! Now that you have read this recommendation do you want to play Offset? If you do then great!!

  5. I recommend Leaps and Flutters because you can play with a partner and it is very much like Chutes and Ladders.

  6. I like this game Recycle This. Although when I try to put an item in a bin it will not go in easily, it is very fun and educational

  7. I think you should watch the video Climate Tails. It was very funny and educational. I love watching animals talk!

  8. I kind of liked the game go green because you have to chose the right transportation like instead of cars you could choose a bike or walk.But don’t think it was that fun so don’t reccomend.

  9. You should try the game Climate Trivia. It is fun,and you can learn a lot from this game. It teaches you what to do to help the earth.

  10. I really liked the Power Up game. You have to light up all the houses using just a solar panel and a windmill. Power Up is really fun!

  11. I played Power Up. This game is very difficult and its hard to continue to higher medals. Over all this game was okay, though it is hard it is very fun and addicting. Its fun to play!

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