Chirpy in Bahamas

I’m chillin’ in the Bahamas with my friend Patrick.

I had a great time at Atlantis.

The slides were awesome and this one even had sharks at the end!

After a long time at the beach we decided to read the COOLEST book ever…

The Dark Prophecy.

Whoa! Those sharks are big. I really hope they don’t come my way.

I just got back from swimming with dolphins!

It was really fun and now I’m just cooling off under this baby palm tree.

This seaweed makes a way better nest than sticks do!

I was having a great time watching Patrick try to snorkel. 

I can’t wait to come back one day!

24 thoughts on “Chirpy in Bahamas

  1. Wow! That looks fun. I really liked the slide that was behide you. It looks just like a Aztec or Mayan temple. When I saw the baby palm tree at first, I thought it was a flower. I hope I can go there one day.

  2. That looks like quite fun! The part were you see sharks during the slow de sounds awesome!!!!!!?Soon I hope I go to the Bahamas.
    I think Chripy had a great time! Hope to see were he goes next!

  3. That looks like quite fun! The part were you see sharks during the slow de sounds awesome!!!!!!?Soon I hope I go to the Bahamas it sounds really fun!
    I think Chripy had a great time! Hope to see were he goes next!

  4. Wow! The Bahamas looks very beautiful. The vast ocean view looks stunning. The baby palm tree must have looked statuesque to Chirpy. Also, snorkeling is so pleasant when you see all the unique fish and vibrant coral. I sometimes feel you, Patrick, you sometimes got to get out of the Sun and read a book. I hope I can go there sometime!

  5. The Bahamas look so beautiful. The small palm tree is adorable. I really want to go there. Chirpy’s new nest is perfect for him. Swimming with dolphins sounds fun. The sharks are so big. I can’t wait to see Chirpy’s next adventure.

  6. Wow you, and Patrick looked like you had fun! The seaweed nest is perfect! That baby palm tree looks adorable, I saw five baby palm trees, that a lot! I would hate to be near those sharks, although they look very fascinating! Chilli’n with a nice book sounds sweet! That water slide looks amazing, but scary! I so wish I was there!! However, I was at school. Love to go sometime!

  7. I want to go there. IM SOOOOOOOO JELLY!!!!!! It looked awesome. I saw a video of the water slide you were standing in front of. It looks awesome, I want to go on! Cool nest chirpy!

  8. Wow! I’ve always wanted to go to Atlantis! It seems really fun! The sharks looked really cool and scary at the same time. The Dark Prophecy sounds really cool. Also did your snorkeling go well? And that slide behind looks really fun! I really want to go there!

  9. Wow that trip looked fun. Those sharks really looked big. Good thing they didn’t come your way.That baby palm tree looked irregular. Are those normal around Atlantis. Did you see a lot of them? That water slide looked really cool. I imagine that waterslide goes really fast so did you even get to look at the sharks? What were some of the other slides the waterpark had. I wish I could go!!!!

  10. That look so nice Chirpy! I can’t believe that went on a slide with sharks at the end. Hope they didn’t try to bite. I wish I was there, water slides are my favorite and I’d dig one right about now. The Bahamas looked great and Atlantis was pretty sweet. Hope you a great time Patty at Atlantis. And that baby palm tree I’ve never seen one that small! Looks like a perfect place to dry off after swimming with dolphins. Hope you too had a great time there!

  11. I would love to go to the bahamas chirpy is so lucky. chirpy you must have loved swimming with dolphins. How hot was it there? chirpy where you scared going down those slides the sound pretty cool though! i don’t know about you but i love water parks and slides. Ive always wanted to go snorkeling it looked so fun! Im sure you had a great time!!!

  12. Wow! The Bahamas look so pretty. I want to go someday. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. How was the temperature? I’m sure it was pretty hot. Those sharks look so cool! They’re literally right there! I am going to persuade my parents to take me.

  13. Wow that looked fun Chirpy! I went to the Bahamas before but it looks like you had much more fun! Was the slides scaring, and did you get soaked at the end, I definitely did!:)

  14. Wow Chirpy that looked really fun! I’ve been to the Bahamas, but it looks like you had much more fun then me!

  15. Wow that looked like alot of fun i’m probrobaly going to ask my parents if I could go to the bahamas. And the water is so clear which means it super clean. And i agree with you 100% that that book was the best because I just finished reading it

  16. Wow that is so cool! I would love to go to the Bahamas. It looks so nice and beautiful there. Was it as hot there as it is today? The snorkeling looked like allot of fun. Was the water cold? Also the water is so beautiful and blue. We don’t get that water here. Were the sharks next to you on the water slide? Also does the water slide go straight down? I would to go there! It looks so beautiful.

  17. That looks so fun! I wish I went cool places like the Bahamas. I like the baby palm tree. It was so small and cute. how hot was it there? I hope you had fun is the Bahamas.

  18. It look like Chirpy and you had a great time in Bahamas I’m gonna ask my parents if we can go again. Those sharks you found are so awesome and big.The baby palm tree is so cute and perfect for Chirpy. Do find any cool sea creatures patrick? I love your new nest Chirpy.

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