On safari in Tanzania with my husband. September 2011

Going on a photographic safari in Tanzania was an AWESOME experience! So many exotic animals. Beautiful scenery. The trip of a lifetime! I hope some day you'll be able to experience it for yourself. Until then, please join me by reading this blog and viewing the photos and videos….

Click here to get ready for safari.

28 thoughts on “Tanzania

  1. I love the lion. What a coincidence because I saw several lions when I first went to a game reserve. The first lion was a very golden brown. It had three cubs. They look so fuzzy .I wish we could stay there we went  past a lake and saw hippos, such big teeth . On our way back we saw monkeys in the trees. It was a great experience.  My first time going on safari.    

    • Hi Taylor. Tanzania is a beautiful country. Some of the people live in cities or towns, but many live in small villages dotted around the countryside. Many of the houses in the countryside are made of mud and sticks. Those who live in areas where there is clay in the ground are able to use the clay to make a house of clay bricks.

  2. Im going on safari later on in the year with my cousens  and my family to addo  elephant park I cant  wait  do think that  ill have good time because it sounds like you did. 

    • I think you’ll have a FANTASTIC time, Maxine! You’ll enjoy it even more if you read the elephant page on this blog, and do as much research as you can on elephants and the other animals you’re likely to see at Addo.

  3. That trip to Tanzania must have been so cool. On the holidays l went to JHB and went to a aminal rezerve but only plant eater's and we saw Baboons , Giraffes , Zebras, Wildestees and lots more. when it was a rainy day we went to a Lion park and saw White Lion and Brown Lion it was awsome !!!!

    • All the lions we saw were eating, sleeping, or walking lazily in the middle of the afternoon. The guide told us about their speed. He’s seen A LOT in the 16 years he’s been a guide!

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