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  1. What I found very interesting about the skyscraper video was how they shaped the bottom of the building around the church and managing to not have it to fall down. The triangle is one of the strongest shape you can use when building a structure like this.

  2. I watched Out of This World, Burn Baby Burn, and the Skyscraper videos. My favorite was the Skyscraper video because its amazing how engineers build buildings on top of other buildings without making both fall.

  3. Out of all the videos I watched, I found that Waste to Watts was the most interesting. It’s amazing how cows can produce electricity from their poo! Although buying all the technology costs money, you can get more money from selling electricity and milk. What if more people uses this technology? Will that slow down global warming?

  4. My favorite was “Out of This World”. I thought it was amazing and inspiring how she wanted to be an engineer since she was seven! I also liked how she said ‘Space Bug’ instead of some boring thing like “I liked space since I was seven”.

  5. Out of all three videos I liked robots video because it is amazing how you can use so many diferent robots in so many different ways. Also I think it is so hard to make so many robots.

  6. I watched the ”Out of this World” and all the other ones but all of them were so amazing but I found that the Robots video was the most interesting in my opinion because I did not know that robots are used for space and they can be used for factories and other cool things

  7. For the homework I watched Take a Seat, Volcano Ash Modeling and What a Baby. My favorite video was Volcano Ash Modeling because we got to see real volcanoes that were erupting and there was ash everywhere. Some planes had to be cancelled because there was either a volcano erupting or there was too much ash to go through or go around.

  8. The three videos I watched were burn baby burn, what a baby and the robots video. Out of all three I liked the “What a Baby” the most. I liked that they put science and mechanics into the toy baby’s eyes making them move. Now kids feel that taking care of them matters because they could get a sense that it has feeling and needs nurture. Its nice that there is a new way of bringing play to life.

  9. My favorite video was What A Baby because the women’s job was a toyoliogist and i never herd of that in my life! It is amazing what technology could do to such simple boring toys. It will get the kids attention to want to buy the toy and other people will buy it too. I would love to be a toyologist and see the background behind so many cool toys!

  10. I watched Burn Baby Burn, Robots,Volcano Ash Modeling, and What A Baby. My favorite and the most fascinating one to me was Burn Baby Burn. I liked Burn Baby Burn because a materials lab lead engineer sounds like a cool job. You burn, break,and tilt, things to make them more durable. For this job you have to think outside the box and I am way outside the box.

  11. I would probably say that Out Of This World was my favorite out of all of the videos. What I thought was interesting was that they had a whole chamber and had to put the supply in the chamber, and then shine the light on it so that they can test how close the object can get to the Sun. If I was ever an Engineer I would probably be a flight system engineer just like Tracy. My second favorite was Burn Baby Burn. I really thought that salsa dancing and engineering are not related at all. But I actually noticed that practice(salsa dancing) and studying(engineering) are related.

  12. Also I think, ” Take A Seat ” video shows how and why Tammy wanted to become a bioengineer and it has humor which my parents say I have. I think that the pressure mat is cool. For example: it shows the colors, red meaning it is pushing hard, orange meaning a little less push, yellow meaning slight push, green meaning light, light blue meaning getting lighter, dark blue meaning so light it is like a tap on your leg.

  13. I watched Burn Baby Burn, What a Baby, and Out of this World. Out of this world caught my attention the most because I think that the woman in the video Tracy Drain has to be able to focus and be responsible with the job she does, and she still manages to find time to do other things like read sci-fi books and play laser tag, and in my opinion that is difficult to do.

  14. I watched, ” Take A Seat ” video, ” Robots ” video, and, ” Volcano Ash Modeling ” video. Out of those three, I was most interested in, ” Take A Seat ” video because when I grow up I want to study about the human body. Also because it shows different ways to detect your body. For example the chairs in the video that flex back really interest me because then if my body is straight up and hurts, then I can flex it back. That is why I was most interested in, ” Take A Seat ” video.

  15. I watched the “From Waste to Watts” video and found it the most interesting video of them all. I liked it because it showed great ways to create energy from garbage.

  16. I watched What a Baby, Burn Baby Burn and Volcano Ash Modeling. My favorite out of all of them is What a Baby. It’s really cool how the women studied how eyes move so she could make her toy work just right. It shows me if you want to do it all you have to do is study.

  17. My favorite video was “Waste to Watts.” I was very interested in how you could turn cow droppings into electricity! I calculated how much cow leavings the farmer collected each year, and he get’s about 525,600,000 to 584,000,000 lbs a year!
    Wow! He must open up his own power plant. He’ll be rich!

  18. I really liked the ” What a Baby” video because she had creativity but combined it with science . I also liked to see how much science is behind all these toys . And that the dolls eye motion really looks real instead of a boring old baby doll

  19. I watched Burn Baby Burn, Volcano Ash Modeling and What A Baby. Out of all of those three I have to say that I liked What A Baby the best. I think that it was really cool that she spent so much time trying to figure out how to make a doll seem so real. I wonder what toys she will come up with next!!!!!

  20. I watched burn baby burn, what a baby and waste to watts.
    I had a tie with what a baby and waste to watts.
    I loved what a baby because it was interesting and the creepy part was the baby dolls eyes moved and was very realistic.
    My other favorite was waste to watts. It was really interesting. My favorite part was when the people stepped on cow poop water and it went up and down. An interesting fact is the some people turn cow poop into electricity.

  21. My favorite video is Volcano Ash modeling because it interests me how everyday life can be spared bye these machines. It is just like what we were talking about in class how electronics makes every day life easier and safer.

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