Chirpy in Puerto Rico

     Oooh! Look at this hut Vienna and I found. I wonder who built it?!

IMG_0452How did a TANK get here???


Why do we need this? I already know how to fly!

IMG_0735Yay! Another hut. This one has a swing!

IMG_0638 - CopyWhat does this say? I don’t know Spanish. Maybe I’ll go have a look….

IMG_0628I found a new friend!

IMG_0614This cactus is so cool! Ouch!

IMG_0619What type of berries are these? They look good. Think I’ll try one.

IMG_0566Here Crabby Crabby!

IMG_0458Coconut milk anyone?

IMG_0727The view is amazing from here!


Aahhhhh! Another day in sunny Puerto Rico. This is the life!


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