Chirpy in Romania

Romania is a BEAUTIFUL country!

Hiking in the mountains.Making new friends.I love looking at the beautiful countryside.

Exploring old castles is really fun!


This is the inner courtyard of the castle. We even get to go inside and look at the old rooms. Cool!

Talk about cool, now I’m in a cave that has a glacier inside! It’s very hot outside, but we’re so far undergound that it’s very cold down here. Brrrrrr!Now I’m underground again – in an old salt mine! Can you see the white salt on the walls? I tasted it. It tastes…….well, salty! They are no longer taking the salt from this mine. They’ve turned it into a tourist attraction.

There’s even a ferris wheel inside the salt mine!

There are also interesting museums in Romania. I love seeing the displays of the days of the Vikings. They look so real. Mmmmmm. That fish looks good! 

Romania sure is an interesting, beautiful country!



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