Chirpy in Costa Rica

Here I am in Costa Rica with my friend Catie.IMG_2256

Costa Ricans are really crazy about soccer. This soccer stadium is so nice. I’ve never seen anything like it before!


Zip-lines here I come. You can’t go to Costa Rica and not go zip-lining! 

IMG_2270Turns out they didn’t have a harness in my size, so I couldn’t go zip lining with Catie. Guess I’ll just enjoy the scenery from down here.
IMG_2272We visited a national wildlife preserve. We saw a lot of animals here such as, Capuchin monkeys, green winged macaws and three-toed sloths.

IMG_2276Wow! What a great view through this telescope! I would love to be a sloth. I would get to lie around all day and eat fresh picked fruit.

IMG_2280This is Jeff. He is debating whether or not to jump off the tree branch to get to his family. I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to do that! 

What a great adventure!

I hope I get to come back to Costa Rica again some day!

18 thoughts on “Chirpy in Costa Rica

  1. That is a really big soccer stadium chirpy! I bet there were a lot of bugs to eat there! I bet you would’ve had a lot of fun zip-lining.

  2. That looks amazing Catie. I love the pictures of Chirpy! How long and how high up was the zip line?That looks amazing, I hope I can go to Costa Rica.

  3. It was really fun having chirpy there with me. I was actualy going to try to get him on a zip-line with me, but the workers wouldn’t allow it.

  4. What type of monkey is Jeff? Costa Rica looks so fun!! When I went to Switzerland I went ziplining too. It was so fun! Did you zipline over a river?

  5. Chirpy looks really cool in all those photos and that thing on the tree is really funny because its about to jump off the tree

  6. When I went to Costa Rica, I also went to a soccer game, and it was really fun. I bet it would be so cool to go zip lining there.

  7. WOW Catie! It must have been fun! I wanted to go to Costa RIca too! What kind of animals did you see?It must have been fun.

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