Games and More Games!

We just want to have fun!

Here are the math games recommended by my class. Try some out! Then comment below giving your rating. How fun is the site? How educational is it? What kind of kid would like it?

We care what YOU think about it, so please leave a comment below.


Here’s a new math site: Tackle Math Ball. The first day of fall was on Wednesday, September 23rd. Football season is also underway. Let’s celebrate the season and brush up on math facts with Tackle Math Ball. Give it a try! Be the first to rate it below!


Game Instruction:

  • Step 1.) Choose your team, the computer (or opponentโ€™s) team, and the time limit. When you play the computer, some teams are harder to beat than others. For example, you have only 4 seconds to answer math facts when you play the Pittsburgh Steelers, whereas you have 15 seconds to answer math facts when you play the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Step 2.) Rumble down the field by answering math facts in the given time. On defense, you stop the opponent from advancing when you click on the math problem that matches the answer. Enjoy the game.


Cool Math 4 Kids

Cool Math Games

Fifth Grade Math Games (New!)

Fun Brain


Learn with Math Games


Math Playground


Wild on Math




24 thoughts on “Games and More Games!

  1. I played math playground. The games I played were Kitten Match Additon, Duckey Race Subtration, they were really fun. I give website 9 out of 10 stars: *********

  2. I played on math playground. The game I played was duck race. I thought it was really helpful because it helped me practice my quick facts.

  3. Math playground is a fun website! Along with the problem solving (and a bit silly) game of Snail Bob 2, there are fun fraction and decimal games too that I found amusing. I think someone looking for a educational game should maybe go to a more sophisticated website, but it is still a good website to go to if you are looking for some learning and ALOT of fun!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I played run on cool math games. It was a really cool game because it is kind of like geometry. They take shapes away and if you fall in the shapes you start all over.

  5. I like Funbrain because there is some easy problems and some hard problems. I also enjoyed coolmath because it had a lot of logic games.

  6. The websites I liked were v math and Cool Math. Just like Liam, I enjoyed playing home sheep home on Cool Math because it is very logical. I also like vmath because the games encourage you to do more math.

  7. I really like math play ground and cool math games. On math playground there was this really fun decimals, It really helped with my decimals.

  8. I really liked MathGames because I could practice a bunch of different math topics along with being able to review some dividing decimals. I recommend this to anyone that likes fun and educating math games.

  9. I like Math Playground because it has both logical games and math games. I would recommend it for anyone who would like a fun game that you enjoy, but while at the same time you are learning math. I rate this website a 9 out of 10.

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