Chirpy at Niagara Falls, Canada

IMG_0500 - CopyNiagara Falls is big and beautiful!


It’s so big that it’s in two countries: Canada, and the United States (the western part of New York State).


Boats give you a close encounter with the falls.

Maybe too close! Whose crazy idea was this?!?


  P1080219 - Copy On the way back. It’s all good. Travelling is like a rainbow: Always something beautiful and unexpected around every corner.


Until next time, Canada!

40 thoughts on “Chirpy at Niagara Falls, Canada

  1. This seems super cool! I hope I can visit this place one day. I have always heard a lot about Niagara Falls but i never new if was so big that it was in two countries!

  2. Wow Chirpy! I never thought a bird like you would go to such a place like that! Now I want to go! I hope you learned a lot on your trip😀

  3. I have been to Niagra Falls, but never was on the Canadian side. It was still really fun, and I can’t wait till I have the chance to go on the Canadian part.

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