Chirpy in Iceland

P1110434Iceland has LOTS of volcanoes. I’m standing on old lava from a volcano. It flowed right into the ocean. How cool is THAT?!?


Iceland is REALLY beautiful!!!


The country is very far north so it has ENORMOUS glaciers!

The glaciers are FANTASTIC. We even went snowmobiling on one!

Sadly they’re melting more than ever, because Earth is warming up. The glacier behind me used to cover this whole area. It’s melted way back. Can you see it behind me?

When pieces of the glacier break off into a lagoon, or into an ocean, they’re called icebergs. Whoa! This is COLD!

For more pictures of Iceland go to Ice on Earth blog page.

Can you see the line of volcanoes in this photo? Many of them have worn down over time.

The ground under Iceland is moving a lot, so it has earthquakes and volcanoes. Two tectonic plates (big chunks of the earth) are pulling apart from each other right in the middle of this country! We got a bird’s-eye-view of some of the volcanoes when we took a flight in a little plane.

To see how Iceland uses the heat generated from all this earth movement,

click here.

Speaking of birds, I met a puffin. She was sooooooooo cute! But I became quiet and shy around her. I didn’t say a word! Before I knew it, she had flown away.  🙁



This house was built to show what the houses looked like during the days of the Vikings (~900 AD). It’s built out of earth and rocks. Cool, huh?


Ack!!! Vikings!!! Get me out of here!


Hey, big guy! How about sharing some of that fish?!

Have you ever looked inside a volcano?

Have you ever been IN a volcano?! Scary, I can tell you! I’m hiding in Ms. Christie-Blick’s backpack.

Phew! This is better…..just sitting on this piece of lava reading about volcanoes.


Hey! Did you know that Icelandic kids go to school? Hmmmm. That gives me an idea. Maybe they’d like to have some American e-pals…. 🙂

43 thoughts on “Chirpy in Iceland

  1. I thought it was super cool that you sat in side a volcanoe that blew its top of. Also I learned that vikings lived during 900 ad and populated Iceland.

  2. One day we would like to learn how to speak icelandic.We also loved learning about the Puffin bird it looked so cute!

  3. Volcanos are everywhere in iceland. Look at all those glaciers. But oh no they’re melting! Glaciers break and create icebergs. viking houses were built of rocks. Puffins are cute.

  4. I never knew that vikings lived in iceland.Also I never knew that glaciers were that big.P.S that Puffin was so cute!!!!!!

  5. Chirpy… What was it like inside of a volcano? Also Chirpy, that viking hut looked cool! We wonder how long it took to make it and what it was like inside of it?

  6. Wow! Iceland is so cool although it’s kind of scary! I would not want to be right next to a volcanoes. I guess the authorities do a really good job in Iceland making sure everyone is safe. It must have been so cool to go inside a volcano and go snowmobiling on glacier.

  7. Nolan – Chirpy I would be scared to in the middle of a volcano! I learned that the earth’s surface could actually crack in half I thought that it would just make a small valley.

    Hela – Hey Chirpy! That looks like it was fun, but I am with you I would be scared in a volcano. Wow, that viking house looked small I would hate to live there. Was it scary? Oh and that glacier looked cold. That puffin is adorable. Hope you had fun!

    Oh and chirpy was it scary on the “mini plane”?

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