The Invention of Hugo Cabret

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7 thoughts on “The Invention of Hugo Cabret

  1. I liked how he ended the story because I like how Hugo grew up to be a magician and he want to a diner and every body gathered around Hugo to see his magic tricks and that he said ha built his own automaton and he stated the exact number of pictures and the exact number of words.

  2. I do not think the story had a very good ending it was boring and kind of did not make sense.Because it said that the mechanial man that Hugo made, made the book?And then they showed pictures of the different cycles of the moon.In conclusion it was not a satisfying ending.

  3. The ending was very satisfying because he became like the person that stared in many of Georges Melies films, and Hugo was like him because he did a lot of magic tricks and the person was mostly a wizard called Professor Alfrisbas, which was very satisfying and it made me think that Hugos future was going to be good.

  4. Brian Selznick does emphasize the characters. He emphasized the old man because he wanted to make the old man to look evil and Hugo to look like the good guy even though Hugo stole the old mans toys. He chose to emphasize the characters because it explains how the characters act and what they do. He emphasized the plot so you will start guessing on what is going to happen next. I think the plot is effective because he doesn’t want you to just close the book because it’s boring so he starts out right where the action is so you will keep reading. He also put a lot of pictures that give you information like the picture of a city with the Eiffel Tower so it told you he was in Paris. Or like the picture with the clock, it showed he was looking at something or someone. The last picture that was important was in Hugo’s notebook. The old man was looking at some sort of humanoid robot that I think was holding a pen.

  5. Yes he does.He shows the main character Hugo Cabret and the old man to show the characters and to understand them.He picked it so it will feed you what you need to know so you will be able to understand story better.He also fore shadow a lot about whats going to happen.And is effective because it let’s you under stand the book better so you will read it and the fore shadowing want’s you to know what going to happen.

  6. Hi The Invention of Hugo Cabret readers! I’m going to help you get your conversation going by asking you a question that will take some thought (and knowledge of the book) in order to answer. There’s no one right answer, but you need to support your ideas with evidence from the book. In other words, always tell WHY you’re thinking the way you are. (Sometimes you’ll notice relevant information that others won’t.) Don’t copy what anyone else has said. Later, go back and comment on other people’s comments. That makes them feel valued and respected. Feel free to ask your own questions to keep the discussion going!
    Does Brian Selznick emphasize characters, setting, or plot to open his story? Why does he choose this strategy? Do you think it’s effective?

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