Chirpy On Safari in Tanzania, Africa

I had to do my homework before going on safari. It’s ROUGH traveling with a teacher!


It’s brutal on the Serengeti. The animals eat each other and leave only the bones. Some animals even eat the bones! What kind of animal do you think this was?! Look at those teeth!


I don’t like the looks of those vultures. They look hungry.

Blue or red? Why doesn’t he make up his mind?

I’m in love! Just look at this beautiful starling! I think I’ll call her Star.


Sitting on the table of my nyumba – home sweet home.

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9 thoughts on “Chirpy On Safari in Tanzania, Africa

  1. Hi, Ms Christie-Blick . I like the pictures of the bird Star.I wish I could go to America too.I love to read your ENFORMATION .camestry

  2. Yes I saw some of your other vidos and links.I will definetly tell kids from your old class to take a look and tell them where you have gone and are.

    • Hi Erin! Good to hear from you! (I’ve removed your last name from your comment for website safety.) Chirpy and I (and my husband) are now in South Africa for the year. We had an wonderful time on safari in Tanzania in September. Hope you have a chance to look at those pages. I’ve begun posting photos and videos on the South African blog as well (see link on the top right of this website). How’s SOMS? Say “Hi!” from me to the kids from our old group! Tell them I’d love to hear from them!

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